Next Bloomingdales Friends & Family Sale?

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  1. Does anyone know when the next Bloomies FF sale is?

    I know the first is usually around Mar-Apr but was hoping to find out the date for this year. I think it was some time in April last year?
  2. My SA said the beginning of April. I'll ask for a more specific date and let you know.
  3. Does anyone know for a certain fact if Chanel sunglasses are excluded or included? Or it just depends on the SA? Many thanks!
  4. Thanks!

    I actually decided to give the 1800 number a try. Didn't expect they would give out a date but the rep was actually really nice and looked it up (I guess on their internal calendar). He said it should start around April 9th or 10th.
    Can't remember if they usually start mid-week like that or like Sunday-Sunday.
  5. Not sure but let me know if you find out!
  6. Also, are Tory Burch shoes/bags usually included?
  7. Yeah! Thank you. There is a dress I want but was waiting to get it on sale.
  8. Same here :smile: Been debating whether it's worth the wait to get everthing I want together during the sale.
  9. Usually Tory burch is included. If not it will be in the fine print :smile:
  10. Presale starts March 25th. Sale begins April 2nd and runs through the 6th
  11. I confess. I caved and bought the dress I a 10% discount at another store. But thanks for the info! I'm sure i'll find something else!
  12. Thanks!!! :biggrin:
  13. Wow! Does this apply online?
  14. Hope they include Rag & Bone!
  15. Is it 20% or 25% off.