Next big line like Cerises/CB/Panda?

  1. So I've put A LOT of thought into this.. It would be soooo cool if LV made these lines?

    Monogram Butterfly [have some kinda colorful cartoon-y butterflys on Monogram Canvas]

    Monogram Stripes [Kinda like the Groom's 2 lines, except they're going from one side to another, kinda like Mini Initials Keeepall or Mini Initials Amman]

    Monogram Stars [Colorful stars on one corner of a bag, or a line of stars going from one side to another]

    Monogram [don't have a name for this one]- This would kinda have the design of the Onatah Fleurs, except the cutouts of fleurs and LV's would be in leather? :shrugs:
  2. i've been wondering something like this too! i thought i was alone! LOL
  3. Oooh fun! You come up with the most interesting ideas!

    I'm still going with my cartoon hearts design (like the Cerises, but hearts instead). I'd buy that for sure!
  4. The stars one would be so cute!

  5. Yah hearts! :love:
  6. i was thinking about that yesterday! that is such a cute idea! i'd totally buy it!
  7. love hearts and stars...maybe different color of the monogram canvas?
  8. Skulls!!
  9. Elle suggested skulls and I kind of like the idea. I'd like to see LV getting a bit more edgey than cutesy. Or guys skulls, girls hearts kind of thing.

    I would love to see a Mono color line, such as the perf but without the holes. There would be a bunch of colored leathers to replace the vachetta.

    LVOE as a monogram. Like their silk bags for spring 2007, done in their typical canvas style.
  10. eek the skull trend is dying and lv likes to stay on top of the game. plus DB has already done the hearts so we probably won't be seeing that.
  11. LV started out with Monogram Multicolore and then Dooney and Bourke went out and copied the Multicolore canvas and the whole denim idea!!! :hysteric:
  12. Yeah and they'd be a different styled of hearts anyway..Murakami style. D&B doesn't have a patent on hearts.
  13. Hehe. Deja vu! : )
  14. These things sound more DB then LV.
  15. oh I also think about cerises on Damier...or something on Damier :shrugs: