Next big KS Sale (boutique/outlets)

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  1. The last big one, 60% OFF (US) + 20% Full Price items was during Presidents Day at the outlets. I'm not too familiar with KS sales and still trying to figure it out but can someone tell me when KS usually has the big sales? My outlets are usually 40% off year-round. TIA :smile:
  2. I think there's usually a big sale on/around Memorial Day weekend.
  3. Thank you!!
  4. Outlets in Georgia are having 50% + 20% off all handbags. Ends Tues 3/29
  5. Most outlets are currently doing 50/20 and have been doing so for most of March. I know there will definitely be a 60/20 in either May or July (or maybe both) based on previous years. Not sure if there's going to be one before than. Based on my experience with the brand, the 60/20 only takes place a handful of times throughout the year (approximately 3-5 times)

  6. Thank you! I'll have to save my next couple paychecks then because I plan on visiting the outlet during the 60/20 :P

    Do you know if the 50/20 is for CAN or US? Usually when I call they always have 40/20 and Im US.

  7. It's usually the same promo in the US and Canada
  8. I'll be ready!