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  1. So I recently (6months ago) moved boutiques because my old SA left and there is a new flagship store openend. I met a lovely SA who I very much had a friendship connection with, we keep on Sending eachother messages on WhatsApp even when I left for 3 months in summer. I purchased a few items for around 6.000 usd in the last 3/4 months, so fast forward to last week, while meeting my SA only for coffee and snacks (we have an in house patisserie) I asked her how soon I could get a quota bag. She told me that the rules in our boutique (gulf region) are as follows either I spend the double amount of the bag over the course of a few months or I could spend the amount of a bag in once on the day I get the bag. Which I agreed to was the plan. 3 days later she asked me if I wanted to have an sellier Kelly 25 in gold with ghw. Initially I said yes but arriving to the store it didn’t make my heart sing. We decided that I should do a bit of research and let her know what I wanted. Now my husband really really hates my H addiction and decided 2 more bags before I’m completely done (off course we both know this is a lie, and in a year or 2 I’m on the roll for another bag) but for now let him believe this.
    The Hermès bags I own are:
    1. Jypsiere 28 in gold with phw
    2. Birkin 30 Epsom in Blue Zanzibar with ghw
    3. Verso Birkin 35 in gris mouette togo with blue agathe chèvre interior and phw
    4. Kelly 25 in sellier epsom noir and phw

    now the thought process is that I want one more Kelly25 and one Kelly 20 but maybe in ostrich or matte crocodile/alligator. I would love to hear what you guys think I should get next.
    Also I would love to hear what wallet you guys love.

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  2. why not a kelly 28 in a color with gray undertone?
  3. I’m 1.60m so I was afraid k28 would be too big for me. My Birkin 35 I mainly use for travel, or when my daughter comes with, so I combine diaper bag and handbag.

    What is your favorite grey?
  4. this season's vert amande is fast becoming my favorite! A K28 is not that much bigger than a K25, but I do believe it's better to try it on first if you are not sure.
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  5. Love Vert Amande in K28 sellier too!
  6. I agree that K25 would be better for you, I find the difference between K25 and K28 quite significant , especially if it’s sellier. I think K20 in Ostrich or Croc would be ideal, it’s compact , great for traveling and you can use it for the evening. Good luck for finding your unicorn!:wave:
  7. So for croc I requested now vert d’eau or anything dark.

    I am so interested in vert Amande but need to see it in real life. I’ve set my thoughts on a grey-ish color thank you all for the input!
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  8. vert amande is this new gray with both blue and green undertones. Depending on the light, your eyes can capture very different color.
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