next bag.... Thinking about

  1. I have decided to sell a few bags,
    Not sure if I should replace my popincourt with a neverfull pm as my mono handheld.

    I would like to get a neverfull in the damier when it comes out but that isnt until next yr. I'm also worried that if it has the red interior its going to bleed like the damier speedy.

    I'm only going to have about the cost of the neverfull pm to spend.
  2. i'd say keep the popincourt i have the popincourt and i love it.
  3. I would sell and get the neverfull.
  4. The Neverfull seems like a fun, versatile bag. But I see more of them than the Popincourt though. It's nice to get a new bag though and have something different.

    Like you BagFetish, I was going to wait for the Neverfull Damier, but they keep pushing it back. And then I read about all the problems with the mono Neverfull and the vachetta transfer and the problems with the damier speedy and the red lining, so I decided to hold of.

    I think they hold new bags in front of us like carrots to taunt us.
  5. I wouldn't sell the Popincourt! It's so cute.
  6. I totally agree.:yes:

    Well see since I dont own a damier anything.. I thought maybe if i got the neverfull mono ina pm. I would get the damier in the MM and it would be a duo/shoulder bag :smile:
  7. So many popincourt lovers here :smile:
  8. I like the neverfull!!
  9. I was told the damier neverfull will be out in January! Not too long to wait!
  10. I love the popincourt! It's so cute and a bag that you just don't see all that often. I would wait until the damier neverfull comes out and hope that they fix the bleeding problem.
  11. Well if you're bored with the popincourt sell it for something else but not sure i'd sell it for the Neverfull - just not a fan.
  12. I sure hope so. The more i see the neverfull in mono the more i want to cave and buy it, but i have enough mono tote bags. Hopefully the damier ebene comes out in January and the azur comes out not too long after.
  13. thanks, for all the thoughts and suggestion.
  14. gotta keep the popincourt!
  15. Yep, keep the pop, there will be other things out soon for you to crave.