Next bag? Suggestions please!

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  1. So I just bought an Evelyne and I fell absolutely in love with the bag and with hermes in general. So I ventured out a week later again and bought the Ulysses notebook. I want to get another bag but I'm torn between getting an all leather garden party, bolide, lindy, or save up and get a Kelly.

    I want a bag that's functional and don't care about the size or design cuz eventually I want all those bags. It's just a matter of the order I want them in ;) What do you guys think I should do?
  2. Kelly! Can fit lots of stuff and can be worn over shoulder or cross body (w charms, scarves or longer strap)
  3. My vote is for the kelly

  4. What color would you guys suggest for Kelly? My Evelyne is in etoupe. I kinda want another neutral color so I won't get sick of a bright colors but at the same time I want it in Rouge casaque.
  5. RC is a true red. Really beautiful. You can't go wrong with it. I was offered an RC B earlier this year and was told my store would not be getting any more so it may be harder to find in the stores. An RC K would be stunning.
  6. Kelly would be a great choice. Lindy would be unique too.
  7. I will go for Kelly! And the 2nd choice for Lindy.
  8. +1
  9. +2. :d
  10. Kelly in Gold would be my advice - the best neutral ever, goes with EVERYTHING!
    Second choice would be Bolide for me, I actually don't have one but I like it. Bleu orage would be my dream.
    Alternative second choice is Double Sense - canon recommend it enough, if you don't mind the second not so formal bag, DS is perfect.
    But maybe for the second one a formal one would be better?
  11. Bolide is a very practical bag and also a classic - it was designed in the 1920s and it hasn't gone out of style yet.
  12. I vote for Kelly as well -- every Hermes lover should have at least one, IMO! -- although I also have to say I wear my leather GPs to death. It's an extremely easy, functional and styish bag.

    Re. Kelly color, do you think you'll want to use your Evelyne strap on your Kelly for cross-body wear? If so, I might consider Etain, which is similar/complementary to Etoupe without being the same. Or if you want a red but RC is too bright, try Rouge Garrance -- you can hardly get a more classic red than that!
  13. I thought Kelly's came with a shoulder strap, no?
  14. It seems like the majority of the vote is a Kelly! I shall start saving and hope that I won't use that money elsewhere Hahah it's my HG bag. I hope I will have enough saved up when my SA calls me! Thanks everyone :smile:
  15. It depends on how soon you want the bag. Unless you go reseller route, kelly is harder to find. While I don't have one, many people here go for the garden party as a very functional bag.