Next Bag...Planned and Unplanned...

  1. What bag do you plan to purchase next?

    What bag would you most likely bring home if you just happened to see it on display, be offered it in the boutique, or receive a call related to?
  2. The bag I want next is an Ebene Bolide.
    But I'd hve a hard time turning down a Vert Anis chevre Kelly or black box Kelly 32, retourne.
  3. Nada ... nichts ... none!

    I'm trying to be a nice girl this year and will just purchase the 2 bags I have on order before I buy other bags. :yes: I don't know when they'll arrive though. :confused1:
  4. 30 cm gold Birkin togo PH
    31cm black Bolide box PH
    M Picotin, gold clemence
  5. i'd love to get a kelly bag next in 28 cm, in box leather :love: maybe rouge H. yowza!

    would be hard to turn down an etoupe kelly in swift, a 30 cm brighton blue birkin, a 30 cm etoupe birkin, or a 30 cm rouge H birkin :smile:

    in other words, i can't decide what is the ideal color for my kelly or for a 30 cm birkin, both of which i hope to get someday :smile: maybe it's good to have some choices, be flexible :smile:
  6. well, I have my SO coming late this year, and I have another bag....but it's a big secret!
  7. I couldn't turn down a toile/white clemence Birkin 35, though.
  8. I agree Pigleto, good to be flexible. I'm getting a Birkin 35 this year I've decided, I would not turn down a Rouge H, Black, or Gold Clemence with GH!
    Hmmm what about you SoCal, what are you getting next!!
  9. birkin 35...

    Very interested in a second 35 cm kelly...somewhat open to color, leather, in chevre or box...neutral/brown in chevre, box, or clemence...maybe rouge h or potiron...this will be a "fate" bag...
  10. i am having a hard time deciding. i can't seem to narrow it down yet, but one thing i know for sure is that this is my year:yes: . i have long waited for one and before the summer arrives, i will have my first gem:love: .
  11. aww, c'mon... fess up. we're all friends here.
  12. planned: rouge H trim

    but, I might cave to a kelly first. The trim would be more practical for me right now, but I've loved kelly's for as long as I can remeber.
  13. 28 or 32 matte croc kelly!! in a lighter brown!
  14. Would love to get a Bolide, maybe in Gold and PH, 31 cm.
  15. Yay!!!! Go doulos!!!!:wlae: :wlae: I can't wait to see what you end up getting!!!