Next Bag Opinion


Jan 3, 2008
My dh has told me I can get a bag for bday/Christmas combo. My budget is $2400. This is my small collection so far: Tivoli GM, NF DE MM, Eva DA.

I went to the boutique yesterday and tried the speedy 30 Mono. I thought I would get that and one of the new wallets (the one with the colored leather on side and inside - don't know name). But I was underwhelmed with the Speedy. I thought I wanted it since it's such an iconic piece.

Then SA showed me the Alma in patent. OMG. I loved the PM size, in the rouge color (not red, the maroon one). OMG gorgeous. Only I wouldn't be able to do a wallet too. (I have a thing about bags and wallets matching! But I guess I'll survive LOL).

So for all Alma owners, what do you like/not like about Alma.


Of course, any other bag suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Mar 31, 2012
I love my alma, i have the pm in epi leather, eyeing the vernis alma in pomme or amarante 😍😍 pros its cute, can be used used as an everyday bag (depends if ur work environment permits) love the design, fits a lot of items, it fits my ipad mini. So im happy 😉 love the handheld, cons hanheld bag - DH has to carry my bag coz i get tired carrying them during long outings.


Feb 6, 2013
I would also recomend you going with a bag and wallet combo like speedy b + sarah for say
or go with the alma leather vernis or epi you even have change to get a small slg
or go crazy with emp piece (I think it's about the ammount) and have a great holidays season :smile: