Next bag help.....

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  1. So my time in here hasn't been long but I'm drawn to LV! I bought a Berkeley recently and a Ellipse and my first was a deauville (all preloved) but I've had a change of heart I'm selling my deauville and ellipse as my Berkeley was practically new so was a lot. So my question is what bag should I get next? I do want a mono that's not to heavy and practical ideas please thanks
  2. What kind of bags do you like? Open/zip top? Big/small? A speedy or Neverfull, maybe? I love the Berkeley, I am glad u are keeping it! I think it's a stunning bag and not commonly seen carried!
  3. Well I like MM bags as they are big enough for all i need the only one I'm not to keen on is the neverfull I don't mind if its open it need to be easy to carry as I have two young children so like I say not to heavy. I do love my Berkeley I took her out for the first time tuesday and someone working at my sons nursery said what a nice bag it was :biggrin: the deauville was very heavy a much as it hurt to sell as she was my first and the ellipse I'm not sure about the shape
  4. I would go with the Speedy B in mono. Such a classic shape which you already like but with the added convenience of a shoulder/cross body strap. Or look at a pre-loved Luco or Cabas Mezzo. Both styles have been discontinued but are great, practical totes in mono.
  5. How about a Totally mm? Would be hands free for the kids and would have side pockets to use if needed....I'm jealous of the Berkeley as I had bought it and returned it since i was not sure about the shape. But the more I see one the more I like it.
  6. Totally MM? Its got a zippered close, and wide straps so they won't hurt your shoulders.
  7. Thanks everyone so many bags not enough money!!! I have to say I'm totally in LVoe with my Berkeley it looks so classy and I love the DE although I check it every time I take it out for marks as I've read here because its dark it scratches easily.
    I didn't do a reveal but here she is :biggrin:
  8. Since you are thinking of a mono as a next bag how about the Speedy B? It can be hand held, shoulder carry or crossbody. Or how about the Sully or the Totally? They are quite comfy bags too. Good luck deciding!!!