Next bag ~~ Chanel vs YSL Muse

  1. Hi there,

    Everyone has been so helpful with my Jimmy Choo studded bag
    Dilemma ** thank you!! You guys are awesome!!!
    I think I'll return the Jimmy Choo and wonder which you would pick ...

    - Chanel jumbo in purple?
    - YSL Muse?

    Love to hear from you!
  2. I'd pick the Chanel for sure, but I've never been a fan of the Muse.
  3. I would get a classic bag. Go for Chanel.
  4. Thanks -- I really love the lambskin, but am concern about it getting marks.
    What are your thoughts on the lambskin vs the caviar?
    Thank you!!
  5. i love the chanel jumbo in purple!!
    i personally prefer that color in the caviar, but i generally like the texture of caviar esp in the colors (vs. black and white).
  6. If you are relatively hard on your bags, go w/ caviar for sure.
    If you won't carry her everyday and are sort of easy - but you don't have to baby it - then go for lambskin, it's SO luxe!
  7. I really LOVE the Lambskin and that a good thought.
    I rotate my bags alot and it certainly would not be an everyday bag (well maybe at first when I first get it)
    The caviar made me think of my granny's bag for the longest time, but I'm finally getting over that :O
  8. I'm not a Muse fan, so I would also go with the Chanel! I love the caviar - mine skidded several feet on a gravel parking lot and no scratches! Can't say that about lambskin :smile:
  9. The Chanel, hands down. That bag is beautiful.
  10. omg... i love both.
    but i myself prefer the muse
  11. I like both, but prefer the chanel.
  12. I'm no expert...I like the muse in this match up but, get the one that YOU'll be the one carrying it about town!
  13. I prefer the YSL Muse. I think it's just as classic as a Chanel, just not as iconic.
  14. As much as I love the Muse,I'd get the's timeless.
  15. Chanel, beautiful and timeless. I prefer lambskin, its so gorgeous...