Next anniversary bag? Help please!

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  1. Our 6th wedding anniversary is fast approaching and I'd really like to add another member to my LV family. On my radar are:

    - Pochette Metis (according to SA, will need to preorder at least 6 weeks in advance)
    - Siena MM
    - Favorite MM DE
    - Alma BB DE

    As you might've already noticed, the only style I'm looking for is cross body. Functionality is always a plus, but this would be more to add to my collection so I'd love to hear your thoughts on the next one! Looking at a 1500€ price point!

    Current bag collection consists of:
    - Speedy 35 Classic DE
    - Speedy 30 Classic Mono
    - Speedy Idylle Fusain 30 B
    - Neverfull GM DE (new model)
    - Deauville Mono
    - Eva DE

    Thank you for your input!!
  2. I vote for Alma bb de.
  3. I vote for the Pochette Metis. I have one and use it all the time.
  4. Sienna or the PM. I have had the PM for over 1 1/2 years now and still love that bag! The Sienna has really started grabbing my interest once I saw a couple of people with it. It's a gorgeous bag. I just got the Favorite MM DE and still on the fence with this magnet as the closure. You already have the Eva DE, which if you did get the Favorite if for sure wear the Eva strap with the Favorite to help with length. And I have an Alma BB but in epi. And while I love it, out of the bag you listed it is one of the tighter fit openings. I don't usually put that much in that bag because it is a tad harder to get in and out of. Great choices!! Will be hard to decide I'm sure
  5. I have the Siena PM and the Pochette Metis and love both of them!
  6. Tough one!! I'd have to say PM. I do love my new alma bb (epi, not DE), but still see the PM as more versatile. Favorite mm I don't use often and I can't really say much about the Siena. The Siena is nice, but I'd still pick PM out of all of them :smile:
  7. Since u hv an Eva, I'd prob cross off the Favorite. Unless you want to sell Eva.. Im guessing the Favorite is a lil bigger... I do like how the Eva can be crossbody casual or dressier w/ the chain..
  8. I was going to suggest the Favorite MM, until I read you already have the Eva.

    In that case, I would suggest the PM.
  9. I have Favourite PM, Siena PM and even Alma BB DE.
    All served different looks and purpose and I adored these.:love:

    If you do not have much stuff, I would suggest Alma BB DE.
    It is a very adorable and yet a classic style.
  10. I'm really not a fan of the Siena, so I vote either PM or alma bb :smile: I love the favourite too but you've already got Eva !
  11. Out of these options, Alma Bb in damier ebene. I have two Almas and never cared for the others. My style is mostly classic though...
  12. I vote for Alma BB DE.
  13. Definitely Alma BB! It's a gorgeous classic to add to your lovely classic collection. It's so chic and sophisticated, can be worn casually or dressed up, perfect cross body, but can also be worn on the shoulder or hand carried and for a small bag it easily holds all of the essentials. If you are interested, the Epi Alma BB would broaden your collection, either in a classic color such as Noir or a fun pop of color and it's still within your price range you listed. have fun choosing and Happy Anniversary!
  14. PM or Alma BB DE! Have fun choosing!
  15. Thank you so much for your invaluable input ladies!!! :flowers: Overwhelming response for the Alma so this helped me decide :ghi5:... I'm getting the Alma BB in DE for anniversary and PM for my birthday a month later!!! :biggrin: :heart: