Next 25 And Under Celeb With Fragrance

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  1. Who of the 25 and under set do you think would be a good/successful candidate for their own "celebrity" fragance, and why?
  2. I think that stuff is a bit bogus.. just my opinion. Do you think Britney actually made her fragrance- prob she didn't have much to do with it. I think I should have a fragrance :toung:
  3. I agree, it's just a pretty face that stars in the ad campaigns. But if I had to chose anyone it would be a Jake Gyllenhaal cologne.
  4. Elizabeth Arden didn't make Britney's fragrance either. There's a behind the scenes fragance/chemical company that actually creates the fragrance. But you can bet that Britney had input on her scent.

    But I was asking the question from a marketing perspective, to see who others thought could successfully have their name on a fragrance (with a fabulous scent, of course).
  5. I haven't tried any of them, are they any good?
  6. Well, a "Designer" fragrance is really the same thing, is it not? ... "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet".

    But if you are talking about Britney's Fantasy or Paris Hilton, both are considered successful.
  7. I never said they were different, I'm just saying that I haven't actually smelled any of them. Don't read too much into it geez. I was talking about most of them in general, I keep seeing them pop up but haven't been inclined to seek them out.
  8. I guess it's a matter of marketing, too. If one walked into a store and there was a promotion for a new fragrance, one may check it out, versus if ones favorite perfume came out with a new scent one probably would be curious to test the scent.

  9. oh, I'm sure it is *duh* lol. I just don't know why your comment was directed at me (the quote and all). All I wanted to know was if anyone tried any of them and if they were good. Why they are made in the first place is really of no interest to me lol.

    If I had to nominate a person though, it would probably be Utada Hikaru, not sure if shes under 25 but I love her!!! :smile:
  10. The comment wasn't directed at you, lol.... it was just to give emphasis to my topic.

    Thanks for your input. You are right on target, Utada Hikaru is around 22 years old. She has a great voice and talent!
  11. haha, ok, well the quote kind of gave it the directed at me feel but its cool :smile: She does have an awesome voice! Not to high and not too low, I've always wanted a singing voice like that :biggrin:
  12. I think celeb fragrances are some what overrated. Sorry :sad:

    But I think Keira Knightly should jump on the hype.
  13. There may be things that I find 'inspiring' about a celebrity but I can't say that I've ever smelled a celebrity. Do they smell good? Do I want to smell like them?

    Actually, I am anti-fragrance. Don't wear any. Use unscented everything. The only fragrance I like is the smell of my children's skin -- but I ain't bottling it!

  14. AWWW sweet! :biggrin:
  15. Also Mandy Moore! :smile: I think I'd buy into that hype... :smile: