Next '02 Flat Brass classique black :-)

  1. ACK, this bag is killing me, but i can't afford it (sniffle, sniffle) :crybaby:
  2. This bag is calling my name, I submitted a best offer!

    Thanks for posting firstclass!

  3. WOW :nuts: .... GOOD LUCK cilla :flowers: . . . crossing fingers you'll get it :yes: ;)
  4. Congrats Cilla & Maxmara!! That's a gorgeous bag! :smile:
  5. Yeeaahhhhh :yahoo: ...... CONGRATS cilla :flowers: - well done :yes: ! I'm so happy for you :love: , enjoy it !

    Congrats also to maxmara :flowers: - I knew it would sell very fast ;)
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