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  1. Hey guys im new here and I have a coach signature bag that I've had for a bout a year and a half. I was just wondering how you guys like the coach cleaner for the signature bags? Thanks for any input.
  2. Welcome to TPF, you will enjoy yourself on this site. I have the Coach fabric cleaner but have fortunately never had to use it yet. sorry I can't be of help, Anne
  3. Last year, I spilled a latte all over one side of my amethyst op art sabrina and I didn't have any coach fabric cleaner at the time. The stain sat for about a week but the coach fabric cleaner did manage to get out all of the stain and was safe for the color. I think the coach fabric cleaner would be great for your signature bag.
  4. I found an old used siggy Coach bag once. I got the Coach fabric cleaner and used it and it did a great job! The purse looked totally clean!
  5. Thank you guys for all your help. I think im going to buy some of it. I mean my purse isnt that bad but its not all that clean seeing how i use it everyday and i love it so much.
  6. I got ketchup on my signature tote before and used the Coach cleaner and it worked like wonders :smile:
  7. Welcome to our forum!!! You will find that we can enable you in any way!!! (that was a warning!)
    I have used the cleaner on my siggy bags and found that it worked really well- you have many posts confirming that!- so good luck!
  8. I just wanted to let you guys know that i went out and got the cleaner. It does work well thanks again!