Newton 70 cutout leather pumps reveal (size 42)

Aug 17, 2010
Newton 70 cutout leather pumps reveal (size 42)
or better :

found my hg of "sensible heeled" loubies!

hi everyone,
i have been searching for tts size 42 or could be bigger loubies. AND now i found them! esp what i love : the heels are metal, so after put the required red vibram soles, i shan't be worried to walk in europe cobble stone streets anymore and worrying of the leather heels anymore!

enough said, here is the reveal, bought it at netaporter







Aug 17, 2010
Thank you so much KarenBorter, BattyBugs, demicouture, anniethecat,aoqtpi, erinmiyu, cityfashionista, chloespeaks, aegis, mmmousighi, klassickouture, louboutinhottie

at the moment there's no mod pics .... yet. They are at the moment at my local cobbler to get their red vibram soles, will pick them up today and as soon as i'm home i will take some pics n put 'em up :smile:

once again : thank you ladies!:heart:
Aug 17, 2010
I am sooo curious; do they fit just like Helmuts, meaning they fit you perfectly at one whole size down? Excellent find!

The Newton 70s are like a Helmut+Big Lips!
chloespeaks :
i never wear any helmuts... yet, because
well this is only my 3rd loubies, and looking at some site, most of them are 1 size to small than the original size.

first (pass pass 100 python lucido,
second : CL for brown's fashion - future collectibles ( fifi 100).

all of them are size 42 and the passpass is opentoed and supposedly a size larger than 42 . but the fifi & this newton is supposedly tts.

which is funny, since most of my non-louboutin pumps are at least size 43-43,5 ! i do have one in 42,5 but after few hours of walking its becoming too tight sometimes downright painful.
same happen to most of my flats/ballerinas... although i bought some bloch luxury ballerinas its fits perfectly in size 42.

mind you, all the shoes that i needed in 43& 43,5 are non premium brand... *lol so perhaps the high priced shoes are quite good for my ego prestige-wise & size-wise. hihihi

hope it helps?