Newsweek Article: Evidence of Guilt?

  1. Okay, I want to start by saying that I really am not trying to discuss the guilt or innocence of OJ Simpson. What I want to discuss is the recent article in Newsweek about his book. I was confused on a few things and was hoping for some clarification. Did anyone else read the article?

    I was confused as to why OJ is listed as having described himself as murdering Ron and Nicole in one chapter, but then at the end of the chapter he said he didn't do it. Is that what was really being said or did I misunderstand something?

    On another note, the article also stated that the attorney for the Goldman's plans to try and get the copyright from OJ if the book is to be published. Then the Goldman's may or may not have it published I guess to satisfy the $33million judgment against OJ. I would have to wonder though if they would really publish it. I hope not.

    Excuse the typo in the title of the thread please.
  2. i haven't read the article, so i can't really comment accurately, but based on what you described, maybe he was using is 'confession' at the beginnning of the chapter as sort of a device to draw people in, since from what i understand it's supposed to be about how he WOULD have done i. so then at the end of the chapter, he recants the previous 'confession' and the reader might be supposed to surmise that that's how he WOULD have confessed HAD he done it?

    i don't know, sounds confusing. anyone else read the article?
  3. oh, and i fixed the typo for you
  4. Thanks for the answer. Because I was so confused. :shame:

    And thanks for fixing the typo. :smile:
  5. no problem at all, i can't be sure that i'm correct since i haven't read the article, but that's kinda what it sounds like.

    one too many comparative lit classes for me!