NEWST EDITION - Blue India Coin Purse (featuring my City & Twiggy)

  1. She arrived and she's everything I'd hoped for :yahoo:

    Everything I wanted to put inside FITS!

    She is much more vibrant IRL than in the pics that Cult Status sent me...

    Attached are pics of the Coin Purse and my stuff that fits inside (for those interested in how roomy Coin Purses are)

    As well as pics with my Navy Twiggy and Rouge Vif City.

    Special thanks to Seahorse who was the evil force behind me buying this cutie...

    I can now say I am officially on a Purse AND Accessory Ban! :p

    And this time, I will stick to it... hopefully!


    Coin Purse.jpg Coin Purse + stuff.jpg Coin Purse & Twiggy.jpg Coin Purse & City.jpg
  2. I love the coin purse! The color is gorgeous! I'm surprised by how much you can fit in there.
  3. All colours I'm a huge fan of... gorgeous! The pouch is a total cutie :tender:

    That Rouge is really eye-catching, just love it! Congrats on the additions!
  4. I love it! Coin purses are great! and your city bag is beautiful too!
  5. I have a blue india coin purse too and I love it, congrats :love:
  6. Soooooo pretty!!! :nuts::heart:
  7. adorable!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  8. Very Cute! Enjoy!
  9. It looks great I love the blue india!
  10. WOW so it's really like a small makeup bag. I LOVE it!!! Your rouge is TDF gorgeous!!!:drool:
  11. I love both of the colors!! Congrads :love:
  12. omg beautiful....i have been debating between blue india, vert grazon, and rouge vif coin purses....and these gorgeous pics certainly helped a bit....CONGRATS.
  13. I am drooling over your navy city. I've never seen one before. It's beautiful.
  14. Thanks for all the kind comments... I'm in love :heart:
  15. WOW fashion..... :nuts: !! I LOOOOVE your coin purse but also your beautiful bbags :yahoo: thank you for sharing :flowers: must enlarge this pic ..... :drool: