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  1. Hey guys. I'm searching for some good pictures of the colour 'newsprint'. It is still not available in Germany so I want to order it from shopbop. But on some pictures it looks more like a dark green or olive and on other pics its more like a dark grey. How would you describe the colour?

  2. It's a gorgeous dark olive, with a bit of sheen. A lovely alternative to black, but goes very well with black clothing. Best of luck!
  3. To me it's dark grey with shades of olive. I agree with ehc2010 too. ;)
  4. Newsprint is definitely greener and darker than faded aluminum. I personally like the color much better. It looks better IRL than in the shopbop photos.
  5. I feel like the pebbled leather has more green/olive in its newsprint than its PTTM counterpart.
  6. I agree with blackonmaroon.
    When I first saw the newsprint for PTTM collection, I immediately thought it's a "grey" color. But the picture of a natasha bag (classic q) in newsprint on looks more olive-ish. But I think regardless it's a nice neuetral color :smile:.

  7. diff leather/texture = diff color
    the dye absorbs differently so you get a different result.
    the colors are similar but they definitely have a diff appearance
    I only have had the lamb's leather version, so I can only give you my opinion on that color and I do think the lamb leather Newsprint is more grey than olive
  8. agreed - I saw both together at bloomies and the classic Q is definitely more green.