NewSpring cervo lux pitone bag

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  1. First there was the fairy cervo lux, then the lace cervo lux, which I loved both.

    Now there is the pitone cervo lux. Each boutique got a very limited quantity but Joanna has a couple at 808 921 0200

    Yes I got one, and don't ask me the price, cuz I'm not sure, eeks, embarassed about that. It's not real python, like this bag at BG w/ yucky stones

    but pitone print like the fairy and lace.

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  2. Price is 1940 Hawaii, 2290 mainland.
  3. #3 Jan 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2009
    Wow..I love it, Longchamp! Please don't tempt me...:P...

    I tried on the yucky one that you don't like. That bag is REALLY heavy because of the buckles and the jewels, not to mention the price tag.
  4. No offense, shouldn't have used the yucky comment, but we were just talking in another thread how we don't like the jewels. I haven't even seen the bag in real life.
  5. I cannot take snake/python leather or pattern, so I do not need to worry about its price. :sweatdrop:
  6. Oh no, it's OK about the yucky comment! :lol: I have a lot of ugly bags that people asked me WTH were you thinking..LOL...:amuse:..

    Going back to the jewel bags, I actually like some of them. They are quite eye-catching and blingy, but the one you referred to is quite scaly and extremely heavy. I don't think I can pull it off. No pun intended..:lol:.
  7. WOW. I like the look! Yes, definitely much better than ruining python with those cheap looking stones. Can you post pics when you get it?
  8. Very nice - is this bag the same size as the fairy bags?
  9. Nice, but I wouldn't have an exotic bag for any amount of money, Prada or otherwise.

    I had a Prada snakeskin bag and the scales were forever drying out, curling up and everything I tried was only a bandaid.

    Again, this one is gorgeous, surprisingly "reasonable" for what it is, but I'll pass just on the maintenance aspect.
  10. I'm glad to know I'm not alone in this. :nogood:
  11. That's the beauty of it--it's not exotic, it's a print like the fairy and cervo lux lace bag. No skins here!!

    She had to keep it at the store until tomorrow, so won't arrive until next week. I'll post pix of it w/ the fairies and the lace.
  12. That's what got me too! It's the look of python without the snake. I love how python looks but I don't think I can ever carry one (let alone other exotics). I can't wait to see your pics LC. I hope it looks as good (if not better) IRL.
  13. It's not snakeskin? That explains the low price tag. Yep, I'd be interested in seeing close-ups of the leather when you have them.

    Did she say what kind of leather? Deerskin, calfskin, or one of the others Prada uses (goat skin, pig skin, etc.)?

    Of course this begs another question from me: if this is another in Prada's leather treatment lines, how durable will it be? :thinking:
  14. I have the lace print cervo lux and wears well, not delicate at all like the fairies bag it's cervo or deerskin. I do not baby my cervo lux lace like I do my fairy. It will be here next week, and they only have 3 or 4 but will be getting more in. Will post pix when it arrives, leaving Hawaii today.

    Also this is the color naturale, there will be verde and militaire, which will have more greens in it. There is more pink in this bag, versus green in the other two colors.

    Hope that helps. If you pass on the bag now, I know she will be getting more in.
  15. Yes, exact same shape, size, etc.