Newspaper Article talking about Balenciaga

  1. Hello,

    I was reading the shopping section in the Toronto Star this morning and saw this article - Money Bags

    I hope the link works, they talk about Balenciaga obsessions in it lol :graucho:
  2. Interesting article! Thanks for sharing! =)
  3. This is about our very own stylefly!:wlae: Way to go!
  4. Great article!! THANKS!
  5. Yup- that's me in the article! I'm just about to go and read the article. I can't tell you how much fun it was to take her bag shopping. I got her into being obsessed with Balenciaga and now she wants one:lol:
  6. thats you! wait didnt they write an article about your website a few months ago? I remember reading some article in the star about a website that sold all these nice labels that i can never find here!

    so nice to meet you!
  7. I've seen your family name on the article... are you of Hungarian origins? That sounds a lot like a Hungarian surname!
  8. Stylefly; that is soo cool! Thank you for sharing eeyore. I am going to send this to everyone I know; especially my husband.
  9. Eeyore- Yup- that was my website they did the big story on back in July. Nice to meet you too:smile:

    Fraublucher- Good eye! My parents are indeed from Hungary. My last name means Angel:angel:

    Becca- Don't think my hubby has not slowly been brought around to the idea of me investing in bags:lol:
  10. I know, beautiful surname you have there! My mom is from Hungary and I was born there, so I speak Hungarian and actually work as a literature translator from Hungarian to Italian. Nice to meet a "relative" on this forum :nuts:!!!
  11. How cool - great article about a fellow Canadian!! It's so true though - a great bag and a great pair of shoes makes all the difference in the world!
  12. wow- a famous PF member! so cool! thanks for sharing the article!
  13. Great article! Thanks! My Edith even got a mention!
  14. Well said!
  15. wow that was a really good article. i don't feel so bad with my bag obsession anymore. congrats to stylefly !