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  1. Investing in the season's 'it' bags

    Alana Toulin, For CanWest News Service

    Published: Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    OTTAWA - Consider it the rise of the bag lady: Everywhere you look, women of all ages are carrying designer bags. (Or in some cases, well-made knockoffs.) A designer bag is the ultimate status symbol. The interlocking Cs (or Gs, or LVs, whichever you prefer) around your shoulder are a sure sign you've made it, even if you've had to spend an entire paycheque to create that illusion. Case in point: an acquaintance in university maxed out the credit card her parents gave her "for emergencies only" on a Louis Vuitton Papillon priced close to $800.
    Many women are willing to spend hundreds, even thousands, on a designer bag because they see it as an investment for their wardrobe. As a former roommate once said, "A hot bag makes even the worst outfit look good." And who hasn't tried to justify a bag craving by working out the cost per use: "This Balenciaga is $1,150 -- but if I wear it every day for a year that's only $3.15 per day! Eventually it will pay for itself, right?"
    Every year there seems to be a must-have "it bag," a purse so special it drives even the most sensible women to uncontrollable desire.
    So what gives a bag its "it" status? For one thing, the more exclusive and elusive, the better. Look no further than the Hermes Birkin.
    This iconic bag has a five-year waiting list and can cost up to $64,800 for the crocodile version embossed with pave diamonds. Being spotted on a celebrity never hurts either. Birkin aficionados include Demi Moore and Martha Stewart, who famously arrived at court carrying hers.
    This season, there are several "it" bags, each with a suitably astronomical price tag and most likely an irrationally long wait list. Among 2006's unofficial list of "it" bags:
    - The Dior Gaucho saddle bag. First spotted on the runway during the spring 2006 shows, the calfskin Gaucho is here to stay. Fall/winter versions in denim, snakeskin and crocodile have been recently introduced. This slouchy saddle bag with chunky detail and silver hardware echoes the still-strong boho trend. The medium size is about $1,375, the large size $2,325.
    - The Fendi Spy. Spotted on everyone from Hilary Duff to Gwen Stefani, the Spy is everywhere this year. First introduced for fall 2005, the Spy is now available in a multitude of finishes and patterns, including denim, leather and velvet. The intricately embroidered Wisteria Spy bag represents the ultimate in exclusivity -- according to, only 25 to 30 will ever be made. Prices range from $1,770 for the denim Spy to more than $25,000 for the ultra-luxe croc version.
    - The Chloe Paddington. Sold out almost as soon as it arrived in stores, the Paddington satchel is characterized by its golden hardware and signature padlock and tassel with key. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on one, it will set you back between $1,700 and $15,000.
    - Anything by Goyard. True fashionistas are so over Louis Vuitton; everyone carries one these days. Goyard, the other French luggage house with a signature monogram, was described on fashion blog Bryanboy as "the pinnacle, the apex, the apogee, the crest, the height, the meridian, the peak, the summit, and the zenith of logo-a-gogo chic." Its Mini Croisiere bag retails for about $1,200.

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