**newsflash**JILL SHOPS...ALOT!..When PF Is Down!!!!!!lol!

  1. [​IMG]

    Introducing MISS RED EXPANDABLE FLAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What does Jill do when PF goes down...sigh...shudder......:crybaby:

    2 LV BAGS......IPHONE LV CASE....(OK..Im NOT gonna mention I got one for my 11 yr olds IPHONE either..eh hem.....!!!):push:


    and THIS BEAUTY OF A CHANEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo::love::roflmfao:

    PS-ITS ALL VLAD AND MEGS FAULT TOO.....ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wlae::roflmfao:
  2. Gorgeous!

    Do I have to go to the other forums to see your other stuff?

    What happened with the leather jacket?
  3. Love the bag! I have a pair of stilettos that match it perfectly. Love your taste!

    From all the new purchase threads I think Chanel made more money off the outage than the price increase scare! :lol:
  4. Leather jacket got overnighted back..Im gonna go look at NM and Saks for it IRL..never SHIPping A leather coat again!LOL!
    I need to buy it in person...and CARRY IT HOME!
    Im going to NYC with Jillybean soon..so Ill go to NYC CHANEL if I cant find it before!
  5. omigosh the Red Expandable is so gorgeous. Where did you get it and do you mind if I ask what the price is? If I were Chanel I would copyright that color. They perfected red!
  6. Gorgeous red bag! but please, post all the pictures here, I want to see everything!:graucho:
  7. Love it, Jill. The red color is fabulous!
  8. I got it thru the FLA PALM BEACH GARDENS store,........they overnighted it free at least...LOL......

    I beleive I paid 2650 for it
  9. omg it's gorgeous!! congrats
  10. Ohhh, I LOVE the red exp. flap, ahh!! :love: :nuts: I still want this even though I have the red Jumbo... I'm sick hehe! :p Your other goodies sound fab too... I wanna see!! :nuts:

    I definitely think you should buy the leather jacket in person, so that you can make sure it's perfect... I still can't believe they sent you a balled up mess of jacket though... totally insane, no matter what the price point!! :wtf:
  11. Great bag - love it. Glad to hear you entertained yourself while tpf was down. :phehehehe.
    All your goodies sound fabulous.:love:
  12. That is gorgeous Jill...congrats!!!!
  13. congrats Jill! gorgeous! isn't this your 3rd expandable?!
  14. woohoo! :yahoo:hope it made up for the wrinkled $5000 mess!:yucky: at least a bit anyway....:heart:
  15. ohhhhh just beautiful !!!! :drool: