1. Just got off the phone to a "secret H source", and have been told of two new colours for next season. A coral pink (orangy-pink) and a pale orange (like the tangerine that ostrich comes in). As I was told, the "source" thinks they are slated for the new swift-like leather.

  2. I could barely read your post due to the extreemely disturbing yet sedutive avatar you have next to the eyes were straining, and were being pulled away:push: they now what's comming in ?
  3. You love him......he's your type, Avan.
  4. OOOh, is THAT what happened..does he come in tangerine swift?
  5. Thanks GF - I have a feeling I'm gonna lurve this new swift :push:
  6. LMAO!! What IS that avatar? Good lord.
  7. Cynthia, I think it's the new Mattel "Drag Queen Ken," now with accessories!!

    If you'll notice his expression, he's really overjoyed at the two new colors of swift. Nearly delirious with joy, in fact.
  8. can' hard.

  9. I am confused now... I thought that tangerine was brighter orange like the one Queenie has, not the paler one...:confused1:
  10. LOL...actually...he's ROCKER HAIR KEN. That's his technical name.
  11. Or maybe it's only that bright in croc and lizard(was shown from the leather book) and not in swift....hmmm...

  12. really - i thought it was robert plant from the 70's with his hair blown out ken
  13. 101 - All I was told is they're regular leather colours, and were described as "a pale orange - like the tangerine that ostrich comes in". I expect it's like 24's ostrich Birkin in her sig?

    It's not CALLED tangerine, that was just the description.
  14. Way too many words, DQ. Too hard to fit on the box. The marketing guys completely rejected it.

    Rocker Hair Ken? I. Do. Not. Think. So.

    Definitely Drag Queen Ken.
  15. nah, GF has a pretty big box.