News story about fake jeans on e-bay

  1. Ugh, I think at least 70% of the designer jeans on eBay are fake nowadays! It drives me nuts when I see them getting such high bids. The other day I went into a consignment store and the owner had a whole rack of fake R&Rs. He was totally hyping them up to me, how they were such a great deal (he was selling them for $80-100). They were such awful fakes, but I didn't have the heart to say anything so I just left.
  2. ^^I'd have been tempted to at least say "Oh are these authentic?" just to see his reaction, he may not even know they are counterfeit
  3. I have not and will not purchase designer jeans on the bay. This story made me wonder how many unsuspecting buyers are strutting around in knock-offs.
  4. That is incredibly surprising to me! Oh dear. I had no idea that they even MADE fake can you tell the difference? Sheesh, good thing I've never bought jeans on eBay....and to be honest, after this, I don't think that I will.
  5. If you go on honestforum or authenticforum, they have authenticity threads and stickies just like this forum has with purses. I started off with one pair of Sevens and now I have roughly 20 pairs of designer jeans...and that's after buying and selling roughly 40 more. It's an addiction, like this site...I started with 0 designer purses and now I am up to 3 (and bought and sold 2 others). And it's only been a few months! :p
  6. yuck, i haaaaaaaate fakes!