News stories that REALLY stand out from your childhood

  1. Wow! Wierd stuff! Hopefully everyone was prosecuted!

  2. Roo - my baby sitter told me the same stuff! Even though I was old enough to understand what was going on..... will still feign dumb if it will buy me a few years of youngness... :biggrin: hehe...
  3. Not all of these were from when I was still a child, since I was born in 1985 so I've included some that I remember / the ones that stuck out in my mind from when I was a teenager too:

    - Desert Storm (dad was deployed to Saudi Arabia)
    - Oklahoma City bombings
    - OJ
    - DC Area sniper shootings (we lived in the area and I was TERRIFIED everytime I saw a white box truck...)
    - September 11 (of course)
    - Death of Princess Diana

    Most of the others have already been listed here
  4. The moon landing
    The assassination of Robert Kennedy
    Troop withdrawal from Vietnam
    Sacking Gough Whitlam (Australia's Prime Minister) by the Governer General
  5. I remember the Atlanta Child Murders. Hearing about that when I was a kid (five or so years old) really bothered me!
  6. I remember many of the events that others have referenced but I truly remember.............the day ELVIS died!!!!! Man was that a pisser.
  7. Son of Sam!
  8. Oj

  9. I will never forget the night of the OJ car chase. I was in a sports bar watching, I think, the NBA playoffs (?) on the big screen. They kept interrupting with the footage of the white Bronco on the LA freeways. It was truly bizarre....
  10. This is so strange, but the thing I remember most was the baby in the well story. I also remember the Challenger incident, especially the female teacher who was on the mission.

    I also have a really vivid memory of going out in a bus and doing "Hands Across America" (and singing the song!) with my family.

    I distinctly remember this from my childhood. I was seven when his trial was held and I was this bookworm little kid and I remember reading the front page of the newspaper on a saturday morning and forcing my parents to explain the story to me. I was terrified to walk anywhere by myself for several weeks, even to the neighbours house.

  12. What is even more sad is that his wife Karla is now out of prison. She killed her OWN sister!!! :cursing:
  13. ^^^ Seriously, I think they are among the most screwed up people I've ever heard of.
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    The story of Shawn Hornbeck

    This little boy got kidnapped about 5 minutes from my brothers house and was being held about 20 minutes from my house! Scary!

    The Shawn Hornbeck Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization based in Richwoods, Missouri, USA, devoted to the search for and rescue of abducted children. It runs the Shawn Hornbeck Search and Rescue Team, which was founded by Pam and Craig Akers following the disappearance of their son Shawn Hornbeck, aged 11, on October 6, 2002, while riding his bicycle near his home in Richwoods, Missouri. Shawn Hornbeck was missing for over 4 years before being discovered on January 12, 2007 by police searching for a 13-year-old boy by the name of Ben Ownby, who had recently gone missing. Hornbeck and Ownby were both found in the apartment of Michael J. Devlin in Kirkwood, Missouri.[1]
    As of June 2007, Devlin has been charged with 80 counts in the abductions and molestation of Hornbeck and Ownby. On October 8, 2007, Devlin pleaded guilty of all charges filed against him and was sentenced to life imprisonment. [2]

    13 year old Tiffany Sabourin

    was raped, stabbed, and decapitated on the Lindenwood University Campus in St. Charles, MO. in 1998 by a student.

    Friday, May 8, 1998


    A Lindenwood University student and his 15-year-old friend have been
    charged in the decapitation of Tiffany Sabourin, 13, of Wentzville.
    Jason Shipman, 21, and his close friend, both of St. Charles, have
    confessed to the killing and were charged Thursday, police said. Shipman
    also was charged with statutory rape and armed criminal action.

    Sabourin was stabbed to death on the Lindenwood campus sometime after
    midnight April 26, said Tim Braun, the St. Charles prosecuting attorney.

    Her headless body was dumped behind a bank near the entrance to the
    athletic fields. It was found that Sunday morning at 6:50 a.m. by a
    Lindenwood student who was walking to work.

    Sabourin's head was found in a portable restroom nearby on campus, Braun

    A police source said the girl had been fatally stabbed at the top of her
    back after she was raped and sodomized. Then, almost as an afterthought,
    the knife was used to cut off her head, and it was put in the portable
    toilet, near the Lindenwood athletic field, the source said.

    Shipman enrolled as a student at Lindenwood in January and had lived on
    campus, but he left school the day Sabourin's body was found, said St.
    Charles police Capt. Pat McCarrick.

    The 15-year-old, who was being held at the Juvenile Justice Center in
    St. Charles, has been charged with murder under the state juvenile code.

    *I will never forget this case. It has struck with me every since I first heard it. It is so sickening*

    The JonBenet case, Columbine, the Pope dying, and Princess Di dying were all other things I remember.