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  1. Since a couple of days the website has closed down.
    Having contacted the wonderful lady who runs it, it transpired that her feelings have been really hurt by complaints that she’d stolen ONE photo.
    For all the wonderful work she’s done and sharing it so freely and generously, this must come as a terrible blow.
    I love her site, so informative and inspirational.
    She says she’s busy working on changes right now.
    I hope she’ll get it up and running again soon and my support is with her. :tup::flowers:
  2. I Feel Terrible. I Haven't Had A Chance ~ By Am Going To Contact Her & Show Support...For One Of The Best Sites Ever.

    Thank You MaiTai
  3. Oh, no! I love that site and have been feeling quite lost without it in the last few days.

    I for one hope that it'll be back and running again soon :tup:
  4. I have enjoyed looking at that site also. The generosity of the H ladies and their willingness to share their knowledge and photos has helped me immensely.
  5. I am not familiar with the site. What is it?
  6. oh no :sad:

    i really hope it's back soon, i keep going to look for certain information and then remember that it's down :push:
  7. It's a site dedicated to Hermès scarves, full of photographs and information.
  8. Oh no! I had no idea....I really hope it comes back, I love that site!!
  9. I only recently learned about this site -- what a great reference tool. I hope it comes back soon.

    I don't understand the complaint about the photo -- this site is for reference only and no one profits from use of the photos, except in the form of knowledge and admiration.
  10. Oh this is SAD news!!!!!!! There's always someone who ruins the good things, isn't there?!?!?!!? I wonder if these people are just unhappy in general or if they are just mean-spirited.

    I hope the new site gets up and running real's a fantastic source of information and ALWAYS spot-on.........
  11. I was wondering what happened to it - I was looking it up the other link and it said my link wasn't valid any more. I hope it comes back - it was a wonderful reference.
  12. Thanks Maitai for passing on the news. I really love that site and have passed it on to friends who are similarly in love with H scarves.
  13. Oh thanks MaiTai. Your photos are all fabulous!!!
  14. Oh no, I love that site!!
  15. I wondered what happened to that site. I tried to access it just yesterday and nothing.

    Her site has certainly been a big help to me in getting info on various scarves, and words cannot express how much I appreciate her efforts.
    It's too bad the ill-will and spitefulness of some has to spoil it for others :tdown: I for one would feel flattered if I saw any of my photos there.

    I hope she reads our comments and reconsiders.