News on Water Colour VVN Speedy 30

  1. I just got off the phone with my SA, apparently she received an email saying that LV WILL NOT make water colour VVN speedy 30..........quite disappointed:tdown:..... however I ask her to put me on WL for 35 and the papillon...........
  2. My SA said the same thing. I'm OK with it as I have 4 30's, so change is good. I'm hoping it won't look too huge on me. I waitlisted for the pap, too.....I guess I'll pick the better of the 2.
  3. I heard from my SA today that the vvn 30 will only be available in Japan. The rest of the countries will have the 35.

  4. Thanks PurseNut911... I guess Japan will always be "special" than the rest of the world :sweatdrop:

    How much of the price difference will the speedy 35 be?
  5. My SA didn't know the price difference between the 30 and 35. Yes, Japan seems to be "special" than the rest of the world. LOL They always get more of the good stuff!
  6. I think I saw this in the Febuary Vouge this afternoon , its in a big ad in the front , as soon as I saw it I thought of all the TPF LV lovers on here :tender:
    The bags are TDF ! :girlsigh:
  7. Do you ladies know if this is LE or seasonal? TIA!
  8. My SA said it was LE.
  9. gals...time to make a excuse to visit TOKYO ...start taking orders:graucho:
  10. 1185 for the 35 speedy and yes it is LE
  11. Caley! Trip to Japan! :p:graucho:
  12. You know, my company said they wanted to send me to visit our Tokyo office in the spring before it gets too hot and humid. April is starting to sound like the perfect time to go. How many Speedy 30s can I fit into my suitcase without being held at the border do ya think?
  13. Oh that is to bad
  14. ^^^ Thanks ladies! :flowers:

    Well that just changes everything then, doesn't it ... darn, maybe I should waitlist too!
  15. cousin is going to Japan this Summer and she has tons of friends in Tokyo. I should seriously consider this bag. The thing is that 30 looks BIG on me.