News on second wave of '08 Wallet on a Chain!

  1. When I bought my silver WoC at the Chanel boutique today, I asked the salesperson if she could find me a red one in any style but the perforated leather or the caviar one with the big CC embossed on it. She said she'd look into it. I just got a call and I'm REALLY excited about her news.

    She said that the second part of the S/S 2008 collection will have WOCs in fuschia, purple, red and black but they're not the metallics. They'll be quilted lambskin. AND they won't have the mademoiselle turnlock or the CC decorated snap but will have a cute camellia instead and the hardware will be light gold rather than silver. She said that since I was wearing my black one when I asked her to try to find me a red one, she figured I wouldn't be interested in another black lambskin but she is reserving one each of the fuschia, purple and red for me so I can pick which ones I want after I see them. She also said that there will be a light yellow wallet on a chain but that these will be sent to department stores and that the Chanel boutique wouldn't have that color (I'm not interested in light yellow lambskin anyway. I'd get it filthy!). I'm in Wallet on a Chain heaven :tup:
  2. OMG- I want a yellow and fuschia!!! I think you just made my day! Thanks for the info!
  3. that is exciting!! ooh i cant wait to see them!! any idea when they will be in stores? i am a big WOC fan! have one and want another...
  4. fuschia sounds fun! can anyone tell me the price?
  5. Wow that sounds so fun! Too bad I already have my black metallic one, otherwise the red sounds lovely! I'm curious to see the camellia closure.
  6. Sounds gorgeous - esp with the camellia closure. I'd love a black or red one.
  7. it is part of Act 2 and I was told it should be at the bs (Europe) around March)price about 1000EUROS or $1500 you are :
    A38178 Y04902 81448/red
    " " 94015/dk navy
    " " 94305/black
    I don't have the c/code for the fuschia but it might be 62120
  8. Wow, people are already getting word of Act 2? My boutique here doesn't even have the reserve books for Act 1 yet. Crazy!
  9. omg sounds so pretty!! Too bad I recently purchased the black lambskin woc...
  10. What great colors. I love fushia. I think it would be so pretty and unexpected in Chanel.
  11. fushia sound great, alot of us seem to want that one
  12. wow, WOC is 1.5k??
  13. Thanks for sharing the info. I'd love to get one in a bright color.
  14. staceyef - are you interested in this red classic flap below? My SA sent me this picture and I bought the White one. They are the medium size flap. As far as I know she still has the red perfo. PM me for info.

  15. Thanks, but I'm not too fond of the red perforated leather. The white one you did buy is to die for, though!:smile: