News on Floral collection men SS 07

  1. I just spoke to my SA about the Floral scraves I saw on the web (on the "intropage" to accessoires; scarves for men) and she told med thay will be available in store in march together with the Floral KEEPALL. The KEEPALL will come in both black and the yellow that was on the runway show. The scarves will be in silk.

    I don't think I*ll get the KEEPALL (Perhpas unless it has a shoulder strap and comes in size '45), but I'll definetly pick up some scarves. I diden't care to start a waitlist though.
  2. I wasn't really a fan of this line at first, but I'm starting to like the black floral Keepall more and more. :biggrin:
  3. I can't wear yellow, end of story, it's the worst colour on me. My skin picks up yellow and makes me look like I like butter a lot. And also I think the bag's a bit too busy for my taste. I*d have to consider the black one. I wonder how it will look in black, as even the yellow one has a black "base".
  4. Aren't these bags only coming to stores that carry RTW?
  5. They are coming here, and it's not a very large store (has shoes bags sunglasses and accessoires).. I don't really know. Doesen't all shops at least get 1 of about every item? (We even still have the mink bum bag here, but no one seems to be getting it). What do you mean exactly? =P
  6. a lot of the more expensive, seasonal items in the leather goods area only go to the bigger stores that carry the matching (or coordinating) rtw.
  7. case in point - the ouvea keepall - never saw it until i went to soho lv a year or so never came to tampa or any of the other florida area stores.