News on Fall/Winter styles and colors . . .

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  1. I stopped by my nearby Choo boutique last week. My SA had already seen their f/w bags and gave me a heads up on two that she thought were stunning:

    They will have a dark emerald green patent mahala for f/w. :drool: It will have a little special effect to it: the front patent panel and the back patent panels will be a little lighter down the center of each panel.

    I also heard Ramona will be stark naked ... er, I mean available in nude colored leather.

    Thought I would share in case anyone is already thinking ahead to their next fabulous Choo purchase.
  2. Oooo can't wait to see them
  3. :drool::drool::okay:
    I think by the end of the year, I will be in the poorhouse:nogood:
  4. ^^^ I think I will be there too ... if the bags weren't dangerous enough by themselves, there's also the fabulous pre-sale Choo shoes to speed up the process.
  5. Stinam, thanks for sharing. =)
    Looking forward to the upcoming release.