News- I can not take it anymore

  1. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am so so sick and tired of the news.
    I normally don't watch the news and rely on others to keep me up to date on certain things.. I totally missed stabbings in my local area - because I never watched the news... but since last weeks slaying of Redskins Sean Taylor, I am on the news every chance I get....
    I am in the DC area and in one week, I think I have cried more than I ever cried in my terrible two's stages of life-- and I was told I was a crier ..
    Never in my adult life have I shed so many tears for EVERYONE !!!!
    Not just at Sean Taylors passing, but there is so much tragedy going on its unreal.
    SO far in the week, I have watched or heard at least 7 children under the age of 5 being murdered, babies being raped...
    In this area alone- 10 teenagers have been killed in reckless car accidents, 5 pedestrians have been hit and killed by cars...... People being robbed in the malls...Wives are disappearing...( I find it ironic this mans name is Peterson)
    I can not take it.....
    Its a great thing to keep up on whats going on, but man all you ever hear is NEGATIVE... I can not even post anything positive thats happened...there may be some, but the media is so focused on the bad...bad...bad, I know thats what sells, but damn give a sister a break...:sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
    I literally goto bed each night with bad thoughts in my head:cursing::cursing:
    Anybody got any good news......
    Just my thought
  2. good news?? im finally going to see my doctor in about 30 minutes! ive been waiting forever to see her!

    other good news.. my mom's birthday is tomorrow!? (does that count!?)
  3. I agree that the television news seems to dwell on negative topics. Sometimes I just turn it off, because it repeats over and over. Listen to music or just have silence in the room more often. I need to remind myself that tv doesn't have to be on all the time--silly, I know. It's just too depressing and takes my attention away from things in my own life that are good.
  4. My sister had a premie (lil Girl) and she got to come home after a few month in the hospital. :yahoo:

    I hope you feel better, I know how you feel............... Such a sad week for me too....
    My Puppy died, My children's friends(2) were killed in a car accident a week ago and they lost another friend in a car accident during the summer, The Baby Grace/Riley story has been tearing at my heart for weeks now, and the rest of the news................
  5. I agree as well that all you ever see is sadness and despair...death and destruction on the news.

    My good news is that the Patriots won again, I am going to the Pats game on Sunday, my puppies/family/BF and friends are all healthy and (For the most part) happy!
  6. I feel you. I get really emotional when I hear tragic news too.
  7. I don't really watch much news on tv anymore. I read headline news from the globe online. TV news is just too dramatic and typically involves local tragedies, nothing good. It seems to be turning into a television tabloid.
  8. DH and I stopped watching the news on TV years ago. Some may think I'm putting my head in the sand, but when all the news does is play up tragedy, what's the point?

    If I feel like hearing news, I rely on the internet news sites. That way I can pick and choose what I read. I am not force-fed by a TV show.

    So you are definitely not alone in not wanting to hear mainstream news.
  9. I hear what you are saying. The news depresses me too!

    Some good news....LSU is playing in the national title game. One of my best friend's dad's cancer is getting better with treatment and he is even more upbeat than ever, even knowing that he has about a year to live. A friend's very premature baby, who was born at 23 weeks, is now 9 months old as of Sunday!
  10. ITA!
  11. Hmmmm my good news.... I got a new job!!!

    bobobags, i'm so sorry about your puppy :sad:
  12. I know what you can really get to you! I make it a habit of turning it off when it gets bad.

  13. I got an A in my medical machine transcription class!
  14. My basketball team just won their first big game of the year!!!!!!! That's my good news :smile:
  15. Our house withstood all the rain!:yahoo: