News from SA

  1. I just called the NY Bleeker store and was informed that all hardware for future MJ bags will only be in gold? Does that make sense. She couldnt really be bothered talking to me. I am mad as I really want another bag in the silver hardware. If anyone sees anything on sale large with silver hardware let me know! :smile:
  2. Gold? huh? This seems far fetched. I far prefer silver! Selena there is a red stella with silver hardware on ann's website.. (I think that's where it was)
  3. The one and only MJ i have is Red! But thanks :smile:
  4. How horrible! No offense to any gold lovers out there, but for me, I really dislike it...and all of my jewelry is silver/platinum/white gold. This is certainly a bummer and I hope it's not true. :cry:

    Best of luck, Selena, on procuring another MJ with silver hardware soon!
  5. Thanks Bag.lover!
    Not a big green person but its cute!! :smile:
  6. ok- I must call the MJ manager in Ny..I am friendly with her...and ask.....
  7. I was told this ages ago. No more silver for MJ. With Resort 2006, they started using gold hardware only. A SA told me that this would be the trend for the future.
  8. OK-Now I am scared!!!!!!! LOL!god,I hate gold hardware!
  9. are they *trying* to tank their sales? Exclusively gold hardware is sooo.......eighties.
  10. LIVE AND LEARN MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the fringe bags ...maybe he is having a breakdown??!!LOL!
  11. I was told it was because they did exclusively silver so the exclusively gold was a new addition.... I don't know what they''re/he's thinking!
  12. :sad: Well, this just sucks. I even had my fingers crossed that the stam in Mousse might be released with the silver hardware, instead of the pale gold. That's exactly why I don't have a stam yet, just too gold for me. For anybody interested, Saks in Boston had one Marina left in two-tone denim blue with silver hardware ($975.00) a few days ago that survived the big sale last may already be gone, but is worth a shot. I'm in the process of geting photos of mine to post in the "List Your Bags" thread, but I did just put up a stock photo of the same bag in Canary yellow under the MJ thread beginning with "Marina". It's become my very favorite bag...I'm even tempted to go run and get the other as a back-up after finding out this "news", but I'm not really up for dealing with the flack I would recieve from you know who...I'm in really bad trouble already as I have repeatedly noted, and the timing would be very, well...not good.

    What has transpired may alter my purse buying habits. :cry:

    ...then again, they may just be saying that now, and then, in a year or so, they can make a great big deal about bringing back the 'classic' silver hardware...
  13. ^ yes that could be true..perhaps to sell the silver hardware bags as buyers line up out of fear of the gold hardware (LOL). It's also true that in fashion "exclusively from now on" probably means only the next season or two...
  14. Selena,
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