News from Madrid and first modeling pictures..

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I've just returned from Madrid. I went there with my parents for the Madrid Fair... but while they were there I went out for a little walk! """Somehow""" I've ended up at LV.. eheh! The SA was really really nice! I didn't bought anything for me, but the SA made a wishlist with the stuff I liked the most. I've tryed some bags that I've been considering for next purshase, and need to really ponder each's pros and cons. I'll keep you posted on that subject!

    Moving on, while trying this and that bag I've noticed some interesting things! One of them was a GORGEOUS man's pocket agenda... in croco vernis! I haven't seen anything like that before! They're just perfect! Either in black or brown. Does anyone know anything about that? They retail over 1100€..
    Other thing I've noticed was that they had some limited bags from past seasons! As well as lots of Mono Groom items (in Lisbon there are some too.... which I'm about to get).

    Well, when I was heading to Starbucks for a white moka I've noticed some window working in El Corte ingles (department stores like Macy's).... but didn't really paid that much attention. That night when walking back to the Hotel after dinner I noticed a "Vuittonish" look at the same windows (I'm myope and didn't have my contacts). Well, in fact there was not only one, but ALL of the windows being redecorated for LV! The very next day I went there and walked in. Right in front of me was a LV Cup Display, and on the right the NEW LV in Madrid (which is not yet listed at! It's curious, because it is only 3 minutes walking from the actual LV boutique. I guess spanish people must buy a lot!!

    And last but not least, my modeling pics! The pictures were taken at the hotel room before leaving for a walk. I'm sorry for the quality, but the Canon was not with me at the time and I had to take them without flash.
    I'm 6' tall and weight 140 lbs.

    Damier Geant Messenger


    Damier Bastille


  2. Ooo nice bags! Do you know if El Corte Ingles is introducing LV across the country?
  3. You look so cute!!
  4. That is nice, wish I saw more men with lv.......
  5. Cute! Love your shoes, too.
  6. You are cute and the bag looks good too.

    Thanks for the info.
  7. GeorgesLV: Thank you! :smile: As far as I know, there is a LV in Barcelona's and now there are two in Madrid. Probably they'll introduce more in other places! I hope they do it in Portugal too... I live 10 minutes walking from El Corte Ingles!

    Lots_of_bags: :blush: Thanks!

    angelastoel: yep, there aren't many... at least in Portugal!

    EmilyK: Thanks! I love them... but I just can't keep them clean.. :shame: They're Munich (a Barcelona brand). Google it and you'll get more information! I love their originality!

    socalgem: Thank you!! :smile:
  8. Looks hot! I love Spain!!
  9. Nice pics! Thanks for the info, it is so cute that you are so keen!
  10. :smile: Thanks!
    I'm sorry if it is obvious, but what does "keen" mean? My english is not THAT good... :shame:
  11. I thought you were Adam Levine..on the first pics.. but you're way cuter! :biggrin: Thanks for sharing pics!
  12. Great looking bags, C! You're a stylin' fella. :graucho:
  13. cedric you are hot! love the bag!
  14. :nuts: Looking great!! Thanks for sharing!
  15. oh madrid! you lucky brat!
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