News from friend in Germany! He went to Paris/Germany stores.

  1. As many of you knwo my friend is in Europe. Friend had terrible experience in Champs-Elysees Paris store, good experience in Germany. In the end, I decided to get the Azur pochette and mini pochette! :yahoo: He just called me and informed me that he is now in Germany. His last day in Paris he went to versailles and searched for the St Germain store but was unable to find it, he was due to board the train soon and so he taxied it to the Champs-E store. Well, you know how I was worried about him being treated poorly at that store? Well, he was. :push: I feel pretty awful about it! :crybaby:He said the man who helped him was extremely rude and impatient and when the SA did not find what my friend was looking for (specific color scheme on MC item) the SA just turned his back on him in the rudest snootiest way possible. My friend is a typical "whatever-type" guy who isnt sensitive to these things or picky or complains, he's overall an easygoing guy... so for him to complain about the way he was treated, it must've been pretty bad. And I don't know if I believe it but that SA also told my friend they were out of the azur pochette and mini pochette so he was unable to get those too. To top t hings off, my friend missed his train to Germany. :wtf::sad:

    Luckily, after extensively talking to people at the station someone kind informed them they could take a first class fast train which would catch up to the train they were originally supposed to take. It worked out well. But I still feel terrible!! What a good friend! As they were waiting for their ride, they went to a mall in Germany where there happened to be an LV. And a very nice SA helped him and he was very happy withthe service he recieved there. The only grip is that the prices there arent quite as low as in France, about 10 Euros more, or roughly $14-$15 more. They had both azur items but they were the last ones in stock aside from the display. He purchased them. His friend wanted to purchase one for his gf but since they were out, theyre going to see if they come across another one at a different store.

    I felt like a bad person when I found myself feeling disappointed when he initially told me he wasnt able to get the items and even missed his train. I also felt bad he was poorly treated and was subject to that treatment only because I had asked him to pick stuff up for me at LV. So its actually because of me that he had to go through that when he is supposed to be having fun on Holiday. I also felt like a terrible person when I caught myself thinking "Gosh, I owe him about $20 more because they were purchased in Germany". He went through sucha big effort! All that aside Im so happy he was able to get the azur items!!:wlae:I'm pretty excited to be recieving them soon! :jammin:
  2. I guess those SAs in Paris get so much tourist traffic they prob have short fueses. That why when i go to a big city, like when i went to tokyo, i look at the falg ship and buy at the smaller stores. Anyway thats still no excuse, glad your friend had good time in germany.
  3. Yeah... the people in Germany are so much nicer! But congrats on your new LV's!!!
  4. Sorry your friend had that experience but glad it all worked out in the end!
  5. Sometimes I wonder why we let ourselves continue in this (sometimes) abusive relationship with LV!

    I hope that he enjoyed every other aspect of the trip! Tell him to give it to them right back! I hate rude people..:cursing: