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  1. After careful consideration, we've re-opened the Balenciaga eBay finds forum again (formerly: Achtung, Balenciaga!). We decided to make the forum threads-only, meaning that you can share your eBay finds with the community, but you can not respond to your own, or other's threads.

    The biggest issue in the past was that thread discussion lead to a lot of drama - some criticized auctions for their own benefit - this will no longer be the case (hopefully).

    I hope this will again be a beneficial addition for the Balenciaga community.

  2. If you have any criticism, hit me with it. Don't be shy.
  3. Thanks, Vlad! This is great!
  4. Not a fan of this but maybe it will be better then in the past.
  5. i hope it works out for everyone this time around! thanks vlad!
  6. ^^ ditto!!! :cutesy:
  7. Vlad, this is a good approach. But what if there are disagreements and questions about the authenticity of the postings? How to deal with this kind of situation? Thanks!
  8. I appreciate the show of good faith, Vlad, but frankly, I felt we were all better off without it. Many sellers of legit bags dreaded seeing them discussed on there, and I couldn't blame them one bit. And although this way seems better, there's the possibility of questionable bags seeming legitimized and/or of people asking each other to point out their bags. You asked, so I'm here to say that the "authenticate this" thread seems like enough. As for finding eBay finds, who amongst us doesn't have a bbag search already "programmed" into our computer?
  9. I thinks it great that you are giving it another go, lets hope that everyone sticks to it and keeps to the rules.
  10. Totally agree with cuteusername....I don't miss it, I think "authenticate this" is enough, but that's just me.
  11. I don't even remember the forum being here, so i don't remember the drama. I for one am not really fussed either way. I personally think that we should have all or nothing. If we cant comment on the auctions (& by comment i don't mean criticise) then i don't think we should have the forum at all. Just putting my pennies worth in.
  12. by "threads only" do you mean auction or online store links only? also, how is this going to be different from the "authentic this" thread? is anyone going to be checking that the links posted are indeed authentic so that no one accidently posts a fake bag?
  13. How are the other subforums doing it ... don't they just have a single "eBay finds" type thread? I think that would be a better compromise. Having it all in a single thread discourages too much drama to ensue.

    Putting it in "Authenticate This" seems weird..because if you're just posting something to let people know about it then you're not really asking for authentication and it clutters things up in that thread. It is confusing the purpose of the Authenticate This thread.
  14. Must say I totally agree with this, I really think the "ambiance" is better without.
  15. I concur with cuteusename, bal newbie, and catcat. I didn't miss the ebay finds thread and I don't think it will make a good situation since there is no recourse if the bag that is listed is fake. The 'Authenticate This' thread is a great tool and I think it's enough.