News Flash on Murakami

  1. I just heard from a reliable source that he got in a scuff with the Japanese police, :wtf:

    Ever the rebel, that boy... not sure of the details, just that it was all over Japanese tv:p

    I miss LV and Murakami,,, want new Murakami DESIGNS!!!!!!!:hysteric:
  2. I miss LV and Murakami,,, want new Murakami DESIGNS!!!!!!!:hysteric:[/quote]

    Me too, me too!!! :yes:
  3. I would love the see new designs.
  4. I want some more Murakami stuff to be released.
    They are soo cute:smile:
  5. Me too!! Even though the recent Groom and T&B collections are very cute, I'm wishing for something along the line of CB & Cerises.
  6. I'd love a new collabro too!
  7. yep, the recent collections groom; t&b definately are lacking the real artistic sense that Murakami lent,,, my personal opinion only. He's a real artist. The groom was from an ad in the 20's that was a nostalgic icon, I like my groom, but I love my Murakami pieces better... only wish I had the $$$ to get my hands on an Onionhead jewlery box....
  8. The Murakami line was the one that first made me obsessed with LV. I'd love to see more designs also :yes:
  9. Lol.

    Yeah I loved his designs. Those were the collections that I was really excited to buy, the past couple seasons haven't done anything for me at all.
  10. I love Murakami's stuff too! I wish they would re-collaborate!!! The cherry blossom and cerises were my first introduction to LV>
  11. gosh I hope he gets out of jail and starts working on some new designs.

  12. Groom and T&B are cute but they aren't fun the way Murakami's pieces are. CB and Cerises are just "happy" -- maybe it's all the smiling fruit and flowers. The Groom was too serious for me. Reminded me of the Monopoly Man.
  13. I agree!

    We need another collaboration with Murakami! Their collection did pretty well, LV should release a new twist!
  14. I think it would be more interesting with a collaboration with other (japanese?) artists, murakami already made his mark and his legacy will "live on" in the multicolour pieces. ;)
  15. Murakami's lines are amazing! One of the art classes at my school is actually doing an artist study on him!