NEWS FLASH - Glitter NP's

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  1. #1 Aug 13, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2008
    I hate starting a new thread for this stuff, but I know that some of you are waiting for these. I just got the call from BG (NYC) and these just arrived. $815.00.

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  2. Gorgeous!!
  3. ^^^Holy canoli those are sooo pretty! I love the silver and gold ones
  4. Okay - I've got two on hold while I consider this. Do any of you already have these and does the glitter part kill you (in pain)? I'm trying to decide between Gold or Multicolor or just pass all together. Any thoughts?
  5. ^^I rememer some of the girls saying that they hurt and/or scrape your foot where the glitter touches. I love the gold ones more than the multi however I think im going to pass unless im actually in BG and the beauty of them is all too much for me and i break down and buy them, lol. But for now im staying strong
  6. I'm not crazy about the Multicolor myself but they do look good on everyone else.
    The Gold is stunning and the black is actually very, very pretty.
  7. Wow, the price jump! These used to be $690.
  8. ^^^^You're tellin' me. There are so many great CL's this season I think I'll pass (for now at least). I'd rather have a pair that is more wearable on a daily basis.
  9. someone really wanted those black ones...i forget who though!
  10. They look beautiful. Too bad I don't have anywhere to wear them. For that kind of money, I have to buy something that will get alot of wear.
  11. I know right?? I thought that they were priced lower before but couldn't remember the exact price. That is a huge increase, eeekkk!! I'm glad I don't love them that much.
  12. Never cared much about the other ones, but the gold is BEAUTIFUL!!!
  13. Those are sooo prettyy!! But I feel like I'm going to leave a trail of glitter...
  14. 815 ?? wow, thats crazy.... I just picked up lady gres in black leather, 865 last fall , this fall 965, I could see if they were a bit different, but I just can't see putting the same style out there and raising the price so much :sad:
  15. I love those!