*NEWS FLASH* Fellow tPF'er JUDIEH is a MJ/MBMJ Newbie & needs help finding a new bag!

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  1. With her permission, I am posting her PM to me:

    Hi Gung!! Thanks so much. I know nothing of MJ bags so I need a lot of help!!

    I'd like a shoulder bag, light weight and has a zippered top (but I am negotiable on that). I'd love a zippered pocket inside and one outside, but I really love the one inside. Hmm, what else? Oh, I am not one to baby my bags so I need one that can handle not being babied and won't get easily scratched or beat up.

    I think that's about it. Any suggestions??? I would love to be able to check them out in person as I am sick of buying bags online that don't fit my expectations. Or, at least I can check it out in person and then buy one online at a better price :tup:

    Gung, thanks again for your help!!!!


    I asked her is she was leaning to a more pricey classic piece from MJ collection or a more casual classic piece with perhaps a bit of edge, from MBMJ and she thinks probably MBMJ, but she tried a turnlock bag and found it to be too heavy.

    MJ/MBMJ Experts! Help me find this wonderful lady a new classic black bag!

  2. GUNG- thank you so much!! This is hysterical! I hope I can find the bag of my dreams.

    Thank you Ladies for all your help!!!!!

  3. Ok, technically this is not MJ/MBMJ but Jenny Yuen used to work for Marc Jacobs so it kind of counts. I think the Jenny Yuen Gatsby is perfect for an everyday bag that looks classy, expensive but not too expensive, with just the right amount of gold but not too much. Lots of pockets, can be worn over the shoulder, and has awesome top notch quality leather!

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  4. What about a Multipocket? I have the Berry Small Multipocket by MJ and i LOVE the leather. Also, it isn't heavy at all. If you want a bigger one, you can get the Large Multipocket. They are usually on sale at store like Neiman Marcus Last Call. Defeinitely check the MJ Sale sightings thread. GL!
  5. Thanks for the suggestion diamond_lover! I should have added that for some reason, I cannot do bags that have side pockets. The look just bothers me for some reason :sad:
  6. Thanks kbell! That looks like a great bag. Hmmm..... now to see if I can check one out IRL! Thanks!
  7. What about the Christy? It has a magnetic closure instead of a zipper but it meets the rest of your criteria.

  8. Melly, that bag looks gorgeous! I usually prefer bags that have silver hardware but since this one looks minimal, I will definitely have to check it out.

  9. Thanks purexelegance! Now I'm leaning towards a MbMJ bag :yes: