News Flash - Beautiful Chevre Bolide on Bluefly - Run, don't Walk

  1. Wow, that was fast! I hope one of our lovely members took this blue baby home! Had it been raisin and/or rs I would not be so nice in posting...
  2. I love that goatskin - is that what is called chevre mysore?
    Do you know how much it was listed for?
  3. Hi Carol, I think they listed it at $3420 and they called it "goat" so I couldn't tell if it was mysore or coromandal, but it did look like a stiffer shape. The color was listed as "turquoise" but I don't always trust their descriptions.
  4. ^^^Same question *Carol*
  5. Ooops. Thanks Olive. I posted my question the same time you answered it.
  6. Thanks Olive. I recently overpaid $4K for a raison just like that. Very stiff. I loved the color and couldn't resist. This one went fast.
  7. [​IMG]

    Hope this helps


  8. It looks as if it's still available..
  9. I checked it out -- I think it's the 27 (certainly not the 31).
  10. 27 for sure!
  11. i don't know if I would TRUST bluefly with authenticity.
    I remember someone emailing Hermes and they replied that bluefly is not an authorized seller and to some extent that they can't speak for the merchandise bluefly offers.
  12. From what I hear,I agree you shouldn't trust Bluefly.

    BTW, is Bluefly authorized seller of any brands?
  13. I bought an Hermes watch from Bluefly that was fake. I returned it and they credited me back 8 weeks later. But I have also bought authentic items from them (Prada and Gucci). I think caution is necessary when buying from anywhere that isn't Hermes. Always double check with your SA if need be.
  14. Or it's another one. Maybe they have a bunch *in stock.* Ut Oh. Any one else hear a warning bell?