NEWS~ Ebay to shut down Foreign sellers? Effects many mypoupette sellers...

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  1. I was looking over ebay this morning at a few bags I had tagged and a seller stated on her auction that Ebay is suspending all foreign sellers from selling in the USA ebay site. I cannot add the auction as I am at work. I am not sure if this accurate information or not. This was posted on eeastmadison's auction...if anyone has any more information let me know. I am recalling this from memory (which is not the best) as I do not have access to ebay at work to truely report what the seller stated. Just a FYI.
    Please post any new and accurate information and if I recalled incorrectly...:confused1:
  2. NOOOOOO! Most of my purchases have all been international! Domestic sellers always, ALWAYS sell for much higher!
  3. Okay, I just copied the message from eeast-madison:

    I have received bad news from ebay: because of the large number of counterfacts, ebay will take huge and complicated measures to fight against fake and will not let sellers sell on a foreign ebay site! In spite ebay knows I sell only authentic Vuitton, they say they can’t make any exceptions for the time being… so after early december, I won’t be able to offer you all these wonderful Vuitton on until ebay change the rules and let me sell again in the USA. .
    SO DON’T’ HESITATE TO BID ON THESE ITEMS CURRENTLY LISTED AS THESE ARE PROBABLY MY LAST ITEMS LISTED ON EBAY USA FOR THE TIME BEING: don’t worry this won’t change anything to the sale: you will be able to leave feedback, etc…
    I will of course continue to sell with eeast-madison but more likely on the French ebay ( website… I hope you, my faithfull return costumers, will continue to watch my items on my selling list as often as you used to as I'll keep on selling exceptional Vuitton pieces!
    In case you have any questions or need an internet link to find my items, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
  4. Thanks Bernz =)~ This I feel is terrible....I buy internationally all the time...sad if true...
  5. It's too bad that the bad sellers have to ruin it for the legitimate ones...
  6. :wtf: Wow. I'll miss the Hong Kong resellers:sad: But really , most of the scammers are originated in the US ,no?:shrugs:
  7. that sucks. i always buy from US sellers anyway. but that does suck for the rest of the people. like let-trade! at least l-t has a seperate site of it's own.
  8. I bet this is happening because LV is currently suing eBay for allowing so many counterfeits .... too bad that a few apples spoil the bunch ...
  9. Wow! that stinks!
  10. That really is too bad. But the bright side of it is that ebay is cracking down an all the LV counterfits. thise fake bags take up pages and pages.

    But what are they going to do about people in the US who sell fakes on ebay? How will they crack down on that?

  11. That IS a very good question!:yes:
  12. I'm disappointed because I was planning to purchase from rebeccalou (from the U.K.) and authentic_lvlady (Hong Kong) when I was off the ban. They don't have separate sites like let-trade does! This sucks!
  13. SO DOES that mean for example if we want to check out eeast-madison's auctions we have to go to the and buy there!?!? or not at all?>!
  14. ^I think it means not at all. So, no more Louis Vuitton from China, UK, France...:sad:
  15. ^^good question.