NEWS: Dentelle, Vernis, Price Increase, Waitlisting....

  1. Just got off of a great phone conversation with my SA.

    Scarves/Bandeaus: The new textile book is not showing a bandeau or pocket square in the Amour line yet.

    New Vernis Color: Definetly is coming!

    Dentelle: Prices HAVE increased. Prices are in their computers now and the speedy is indeed $1420. I am still planning on getting it.

    This led into a conversation about the price increase...they are all expecting it this month (especially on the heels of Chanel's increase)...and the increase of the Dentelle may be a warning of that increase. Dentelle releases on 2/ maybe the increase is right around then? This was all just speculation on his part...but he said they're checking their emails every day awaiting word of it.

    Also talked about waitlist blackballing. This came about because my SA told me to list at the Michigan Ave. store for Dentelle just in case my store doesn't get it. I told him to please call me because I can pull myself off their list before 2/20 (if my store gets shipment early) so I don't burn bridges with them. He said that it can definetly happen if you do it often....but also told me not too worry too much because he has good friends at the Rodeo Drive boutique.

    And he's mailing me out the new Valentine's catalogue...including one for my hubby LOL Hubby's gonna love that!

    Oh..and in case anyone cares...the Chicago Saks LV is rated at a #1 in the LV system.
  2. Twiggers--thanks for the info! ;)
  3. thanks Twiggers..
  4. Does this mean they are not making them or they just don't have an updated look book?

  5. I'm not 100% sure on that since others have been saying it will be happening. They have an updated look book...but maybe it still remains to be updated again before the release of them.
  6. Thanks for the update Twiggers :yes: I'm awaiting the Dentelle line.
  7. Thanks Twiggers. :smile:
  8. Thanks Twiggers question:- Is the dentelle speedy the 30 it's more than the miroir
  9. Thanks. Just got on the waitlist for the Dentelle Ludlow in Gold, this afternoon.
  10. :roflmfao: Awesome SA!

    Thanks twiggers! I'm excited about the new vernis color :yahoo:

  11. Yup...and I am quite in shock that it is more than the Miroir!

  12. Me too....I told my SA it's all his fault that he has me hooked on the I need it in Indigo (that'll take some hunting) and the new color!
  13. Thanks for the info.
  14. is this a world wide increase? US increase?
  15. Thanks for sharing the info.