News Article: Store Given Shopping Bags...


Nov 3, 2007

I thought this was very interesting and I guess it is true for me. I have noticed bags from various stores getting better and better and able to withstand more. When I am out shopping, I may grab one of the larger bags I have recently gotten from a store if it has long handles to go over my shoulder to throw my scarf and gloves and perhaps even my coat in if it becomes unbearably warm when Im in a store. I hate having to lug my coat around on my arm or even keep it on when I am trying to do some shopping. Having a large durable shopping bag that can go over my shoulder definitely helps.


Feb 23, 2006
I've been saving shopping bags ever since college and I haven't really noticed a difference. NM and Saks always change their holiday bags. The Lord and Taylor and Bergdorf Goodman part are interesting. I've seen the Lord and Taylor bags around. They are much better than before. Can't wait to see the Bergdorf ones next year.

What I really like are the stores that use reusable cloth or plastic bags, like Ikram in Chicago or Scoop.


Jan 5, 2007
I think it's rather tackey to use them as bags. But I'd use them for bringing gifts and wine/spirits as I tend to use smaller bags throughout the evening and I won't be sorry if I leave a shopping bag behind.

ami kio

May 28, 2006
Reusing shopping bags as an everyday tote is quite common in Asia, especially since many shops in Asia give out nice reusable cloth bags. It's not uncommon to get on the subway and see people carrying drinks/newspaper/umbrella/etc in a shopping bag.

Personally, I only use the cloth bags as everyday totes, especially when I do grocery shopping and am providing my own bags. The nicer paper shopping bags get used for carrying gifts/dry cleaning/donations.


Jun 11, 2007
I tend to stuff all my purchases into the Nordstroms or Saks bags, not to show off, but because they are large and handy! I save all sturdy bags with good handles and use them for transporting things to potlucks/friend's dinner parties. I will even use them as gift bags BUT in that case, I look out for which store bag I use. I don't want to disappoint a friend by giving her a highend store's bag filled with Bath and Body works lotions (no offense to BBW, but it would be a letdown if they see a Chanel shopping bag)


Apr 19, 2007
I collect bags also because they often are just the right size for what you need! I am constantly hunting bags that are not too big, too small, too thin, too bulky, too tall (I'm 5'2"), non-black color, etc etc, but I haven't found one yet.


Sep 10, 2007
I think this is such a neat trend! I keep the nice, big bags I get, and often use them to lug miscellaneous items between my two 'homes' (I'm in college). Once I got stuck without a suitcase, so I put all my clothes in a Saks bag for the weekend! And now I have some of my christmas gifts loaded into an Express bag for transport. I thought I was the only one who did this :P


Sep 22, 2006
I've always kept nice shopping bags to transport things in. When I need to bring snacks for the kids' classrooms, for example, I carry them in a shopping bag, or I use them to carry wrapped gifts to someone else's home.

I wouldn't use them as carry-alls to walk around with (unless I'd just made a purchase and received one I had to carry with me anyway), though. I have nice-looking totes I carry with me when I need a larger bag.

I never would have guessed that retailers would have put so much thought and design into the bags. But I guess the new trend is too important for them to miss out on!


so in love!
Feb 26, 2007
My boyfriend and I went shopping out of town recently, and I saw someone carrying a bag (I think from Abercrombie?) that had wide nylon handles, so yeah, I think some of them have changed for sure.

I save some of the bigger, sturdier shopping bags. I know we'll be using them to bring gifts over to our family Christmas get-to-gethers.