News article on website (LV fakes)

  1. I really hate fakes!!! :evil:

    If I don't have any $, I rather don't buy any brand names bag than buying a fakes. I don't know why there is ppl willing to pay more than $500 for some fakes!!! :wacko:
  2. Good article. I was once decieved by one when I ordered a wallet on line. The minute I opened it, I knew it was fake. I returned it and fortunately did get a refund. I never shopped on line since then. I would always go the boutique where I know I will get the real deal.
  3. I have become a retail shopper too! If online only the store's actual site, like eluxury, nap, etc.
  4. If she paid with her credit card, getting a refund should have been very easy, but to buy from China, the main source of counterfeits?
  5. It's unfortunate how people can get so excited over a 'deal' that they get duped by these sham companies.
  6. kinda sad. I feel sorry for her.:sad:
  7. I am pretty sure she thought she was buying from the US. The Web site was registered to someone in Los Angeles (according to the story). The company probably had the bag dropshipped from China without informing the customer first.

    Maybe she paid with a debit card, check, money order, or bank transfer instead of a credit card. That sucks, but it's good to see that she has brought attention to these crooks!
  8. Thank you for posting that. I think that 20/20 or another prime time show should do a big expose on these crooks. More people need to learn what they are all about.
  9. HA! Justice at last! :evil:

    I bought what I thought to be an authentic white Louis Vuitton Multicolor Audra bag from them in January (that's when I really started liking purses) It's funny, I avoided ebay because of the fakes yet I fell for this loser's scam.

    I asked if I took the Audra bag to the LV store, would they be able to authenticate it. This was asked after I placed my order, stupid me I know. The idiot person named "Frank" said all their bags came from the LV factory and weren't "registered" with LV. I KNEW they were scamming me and requested that my order be cancelled. Frank refused, he said "I didn't come to you and force you to buy my items, why are you starting trouble?"

    I told him I would refuse delivery and would dispute the charge with my AMEX card (back then they accepted credit cards) He threatened me! :amazed: He said my credit would be ruined and I would lose the dispute because of his policies on refunds and he then proceeded to e-mail me a dozen times pointing out his cancellation/refund policies. HA! I just said "fine, but I don't want the bag, I want a refund". He said I had to first make a payment of $85, then he'd e-mail me the return address, after he receives the bag he'll credit my card. RIIIIIGHT! I refused the package, called AMEX that ALL of my money back and purse4less now doesn't accept credit cards. :lol: Too bad they are still scamming.
  10. I wish they could track the guy in LA down on TV-like some sort of 60 minutes type of thing.
    Ebay is the real disappointment. I miss the legitimate sellers, I know there are still some there, but it is definitely more challenging to find them.
  11. Ugh, stuff like that disgusts me.
  12. There are several that only sell authentic, if you are looking for something let us know, some of us actually know the people personally. We can point you in the right direction.
  13. That would be great!!
    Anyone who has legitimate Spy bags or Chanels. I just bought three (eek) purses, so I may slow down a little. I always want another Fendi Spy. I already have cognac, black, and sequin. I would like the larger sequin with the more distressed leather however.
  14. I'm going to give this thread a five star so if anyone is thinking of buying from them, they won't. Some people really don't know about these kinds of sites and think they're buying auth.