News about the Small Lily

  1. Since I had the 25% coupon and I was thinking of a small Lily I asked the SAs to check on ordering it and gave them the style number from this forum.

    They looked in the computer and called JAX. Apparently they will be available for order on 12/15. That will be too late for the Decemeber PCE (since they usually end the first week) but just in time for X-mas! I don't know when they would be in stores.
  2. I was told that they'd be in stores in Feb. '08
  3. Coachfreak, did you mean the Small Lily will be available only thru JAX on 12/15 or will they be in the stores on 12/15? You'll have to let us know the Style # for it as soon as you find out. I'm really liking the Small Lily, too. It's because I can't afford the Regular Lily (as lovely as it is!). *LOL*
  4. Thanks for the information, I'm trying to decide if I should spring for the Lily now or wait on the new bag.
  5. Someone previously posted the following information (not sure who but I wrote it down on a sticky note and have it posted on my monitor)...

    Style 11625
    9 x 12 x 6

  6. That would be me (or some of this info anyway!!) ;) I also printed a picture of the sketch that someone posted with all the info and I have it posted on my office wall at work!! It won't be in stores until Feb.