News about Giant Hardware

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  1. One of my friend told me,there'll be silver Giant Hardware for Fall-winter 2007/2008.(she learned that from Bal.,le Printemps,Paris).
  2. Very exciting! Thanks for letting us know:yes:
  3. Hmm, so it HAS been confirmed? Nice to know, Thanks!:yahoo:
  4. Oohhh..glad to know this...

    wish it comes with Violet!!!
  5. Oooh that is great news!! :nuts: I can't wait to see what it looks like! Thanks for posting!
  6. Sounds interesting! Can't wait. I remember when we all hated the gold hardware but now it's a huge hit!
  7. We've been hearing the's great to hear it coming from a source in Paris!!
  8. In one of my fashion mags, I think it was Bazaar, it showed a pic of a Balenciaga shoe with silver GH on it. It was cool, but very high heels, as all the Bal shoes seem to be.
  9. Looking forward to it. Violet and Rouge with Silver GH.......hmmmm?
  10. I want violet but not sure about violet + GH? what do you think? RH would be a dream but I'm not that optimistic it will happen
  11. Black Day with Giant silver hardware, you shall be mine!
  12. money gonna jump from my saving again!!!!:crybaby: but wanna see it NOW!!!!:drool:
  13. Wow...can't wait!
  14. Great news!
  15. That's exciting. It will be rock star on black, I wonder what the blues will look like??