1. (this can be moved to reference area if need be. I just wanted everyone to see it)

    Okay so I was very confused about there being new blue inclusion pieces. It seemed like not too many ppl heard much about it.

    So I just got off the phone with 1866Vuitton and they confirmed that there IS a blue inclusion BUT its not being made into a bracelet. (which sucks)

    It is in the cell phone charm, hair cubes and speedy keychain. (i cant remember if he said barrette.)

    He said it was released a couple days ago.

    So sad about the bracelet...hopefully they will change their mind and make one.

    He said the blue was a "not too dark, not too a royal blue almost"

    I am interested in seeing what these pieces will look like.
  2. Ohhhh I can't WAIT to see pics!! :nuts:
  3. I saw one yesterday at Bloomingdale's. It's sort of like the blue in Azur.
  4. wow that passed right under the tpf radar
  5. i know when i saw someone write about it i was like what! and then i had to find out! lol

  6. :nuts::nuts::nuts:
    I've scoured the web, with nothing. -sigh-
  7. I am curious to see what the Speedy Keychain will look like in this color!!!
  8. Omg!
    Blue incusions sound so pretty!
    Thanks for the info:smile:
  9. sounds gorgeous.
  10. weird no bracelet, sounds really pretty Thanks
  11. Thanks for the info!
  12. Yup, just got the Speedy keyring today!
  13. OMG that sounds HOT!!!
  14. Do pics.......please!!!
  15. I was SO annoyed when I heard that there wasn't going to be a bangle or ring but my SA who transferred stores was in today. I went to go see her after my dad's dr's appointment (good news finally!) and she hadn't gotten in yet but I was talking to the other SAs who were SO nice. They said they hadn't gotten in the Speedy keyring and then my SA came in and said she already had one held for me! So it's a good thing I went in today!
    The color is officially called "Bleu." This is going to look GORGEOUS on Azur bags!
    First pic is no flash, second is with the flash.
    100_8900.JPG 100_8903.JPG