Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County

  1. Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County

    Get ready for an all new season of drama in 'Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County' premiering Wednesday, August 15th, at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

    Every story has a beginning. Return to the sun, wealth and drama but say goodbye to Laguna. We move up the coast to Newport Harbor where friendships will also be tested, betrayed and hearts will break but love still rules all.

    No More Laguna Beach.....MTV Moves On To Newport (Not Surprised....Once The OC Was Over....)

    Here's The Link For The Trailer:
  2. So this show will replace Laguna Beach? No more Kendra or Cami?
  3. Of course I will watch crazy, spoiled kids with the weight of the world on their shoulders with such pressing problems as were to get the best tan. Duh!!
  4. they all look the difference to me, though Newport is wealthier. Oh's still all that good teen drama!
  5. I dont think this will top Laguna Beach, or come close.

    Of course you know I will probably watch anyway.
  6. For three years we have lived, loved and come of age with the teenagers of Laguna Beach. This season, we're moving up the coast... to Newport Harbor! Join a new group of friends as they discover new loves, face new rivalries and suffer new heartbreaks. On the road to their first kiss, the newest, hottest couple at school contend with an overprotective father and a girl that's used to getting everything she wants. Meanwhile, former best friends compete for the affection of a sophomore beauty. As they prepare to leave their childhood behind, they'll find that high school isn't always a day at the beach. New beauty, new town, new love and new faces: Newport Harbor - The Real Orange County.


    Pretty and popular, Chrissy is a senior who grew up in Newport Harbor and is lifelong friends with Sasha and Grant. An only child to doting parents, Chrissy has recently blossomed into a head-turning high school senior. As smart as she is beautiful, Chrissy has three colleges to pick from as she prepares to leave the family nest. While everything seems to be going her way, Chrissy longs for the one thing that has eluded her: a boyfriend. Now that the hottest guy in school -- a junior named Clay, who also happens to be her neighbor -- has taken an interest in her, Chrissy appears headed for a storybook romance. Along the way, though, she'll need to navigate roadblocks including her protective dad and rivals for Clay's affection.


    Clay is a junior and although shy with girls, he is regarded as Newport Harbor's hottest guy. Born and raised in Newport Harbor, he takes full advantage of his oceanfront playground. Whether he's fishing from his speedboat off Balboa Island or surfing on one of Newport Harbor's famous breaks, Clay catches girls' glances wherever he goes. Clay's humble attitude belies his looks and he often turns to Grant, his gregarious friend, for a boost of confidence. While it seems Clay could have any girl he wants, his shyness has kept him from having a relationship. But when Clay develops real feelings for Chrissy -- and she responds accordingly -- it could be his chance to break out.


    A stunning senior, Allie is the girl that all the boys want and all the girls want to be. Allie seems to have it all: a beautiful home on the tip of Balboa Peninsula, carte blanche with her dad's credit cards and a hip family-owned restaurant where she holds parties for dozens of her friends. But all this wealth and confidence masks a vulnerable side to Allie. She may be a huge flirt with the boys -- including Clay -- but Allie really longs to rekindle her romance with her 7th grade boyfriend, Chase. Apart from romantic challenges, Allie struggles with leaving her privileged life behind as she prepares to strike out on her own.


    While only a junior, Grant rules the school. Whether it's throwing parties, his luck with the ladies or his money supply, Grant is the epicenter for entertainment. Grant is constantly living up to his nickname G-ball (for "Goofball") and keeps a smile on everyone's faces. Not one for wanting a serious relationship himself, Grant is content to act as a sounding board for both his childhood friend Chrissy and her new crush Clay. Former childhood friend Chase has recently turned into Grant's nemesis, as they compete for the affection of Chase's on-again, off-again girlfriend, Taylor. After spending a summer at military school, Grant is trying to reform his bad boy ways ... or at least think about his future beyond Newport Harbor.


    A strapping senior, Chase lives just a skateboard ride away from the surf shop where he works. He has a way with girls; no matter how many hearts he breaks. Although he's dating a sophomore named Taylor, he openly flirts with his ex-girlfriend Allie, and often gets in hot water with both of them. To make life even more complicated, Chase has a bitter rivalry with his former best friend Grant as they often compete for the same girls. For the time being, Chase seems to regard love as a game to be won. Although he acts as a player at school, he has a close relationship with his mom and brothers, who he has formed a tight bond with since his parents' divorce.


    While Taylor looks like she just walked off the pages of Sports Illustrated, she is really just a sophomore in high school. When she's not with girls her own age, Taylor hangs out with Chrissy's clique. The boys have taken notice of Taylor and the attention presents many challenges for this fragile girl. She wants to be serious with her boyfriend, Chase, but he seems to have an eternally wandering eye. When other boys, including Chase's arch rival Grant, show an interest in Taylor she is torn.

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    A loyal childhood friend and neighbor, Sasha is part of Chrissy's inner circle. Blonde and beautiful, Sasha and Chrissy share a passion for tennis and are partners on the high school team. Their heart-to-heart talks often occur courtside between matches, where Sasha gives Chrissy advice about how to get closer to Clay. Apart from scholastic achievement and school crushes, the girls also share a value system instilled by their strict parents.


    Samantha is Allie's self-proclaimed "bestie for life." They do everything together and vow that no boy will ever come between them. Samantha is Allie's loyal defender and often gives her advice on boy troubles. Also good friends with Chase, Samantha is sometimes caught in the middle during his heated battles with Allie.


    Courtney is part of Chrissy's clique, along with Sasha. She supports Chrissy in her quest for Clay but cautions her to watch out for other girls who might swoop in on him. Already in a relationship with boyfriend Jasen, Courtney is always ready to help Chrissy as she navigates the hurdles and heartache of a first romance.
  7. Ahhh loving the character bios lmao!!
    About the real show.. it honestly just seems like a rip-off of Laguna Beach and an attempt to drag along something that was a success so as to make more money off the idea. KWIM? It's like most sequels of hit movies... they pretty much suck (there are a few exceptions).
  8. Samantha got hit with the ugly stick didn't she?

    Grant looks like he will be the "spencer" of this.

    Does that Allie look like she has implants?? They are in HS for crying out loud. (Shoot, I just turned into my mother!) :roflmfao:
  9. Oh wow. lol.
    So maybe next time they'll move up the coast just 10 short minutes and see how the other half lives here in HB.
    "Downtown HB". The REAL Orange County.
    Party central: Tats, booze, brawls... lol.
    HB's local downtowners would make one crazy reality show.
  10. Why do I like shows like this? It's trash.... just very addicting trash.
  11. Shut up! That is where I went to HS!!!!!
  12. Did Anyone Watch This Tonight (Monday Night) After "The Hills?"
  13. i did i still like like laguna more i love all thedrama laguna had makes for good tv
  14. LOL I watched this after the premier of The Hills...the only good looking person on there is Clay.

    ALL of the girls seem to be in a contest of who can have the nastiest dye job or the fakest spray tan. I just don't understand! LOL

    And the 'daddy's girl' that has (GASP!) blondish-brown hair is annoying...

    Who am I kidding, though?! I will still watch the show! LOL
  15. Wait...I missed the premier? I thought it was on Wednesday...damn it! :cursing: