Newport Harbor-new episodes starting!

  1. I know many of us Hills addicts were hooked on Newport Harbor as well. I saw that they are having 4 new episodes starting on Dec. 12. The main part I saw on the preview showed Chrissy coming home from college for the holidays and it seemed as if she found someone new and was done with ol' Clay :sad: We'll have to watch and see what happens! Anyway, just wanted to let you all know!
  2. great!! This show is my guilty pleasure...I can't wait.
  3. yeah i saw the commercial too! can't wait!
  4. i cant wait either...they said there would be a couple episodes!!!
  5. I'm excited to watch too!!!!

    Too bad about Chrissy and Clay... I LOVED them together- well loved Clay :amuse:
  6. I'm so glad, I thought the first "season" was way too short, they definitely need to follow up on things.
  7. I saw the first episode and it was basically camera footage of them looking at each other.

    I found more entertaiment watching a wall. keep me posted if anything interesting comes up.
  8. Thanks for the update! :smile:
  9. :roflmfao: That was a most succinct summary of my thoughts. It will be interesting to see if their communication skills have been improved by a few months of "college life."

    Or in the case of one of the boys, working in a real estate office...
  10. Oh so true Shimma.....

    But sad to say, i will be watching these "special" episodes b/c how can i not?!? LOL!
  11. Did anyone watch it....I felt so bad for Clay? Chrissy should have just been honest and upfront about the whole deal with Billy the Kid.

    Next week looks good!
  12. ^^ I know... so sad for Clay. Chrissy's dad is so creepy asking if her and Billy kissed yet. Gross. But yes, next week will be good with the surprise visit!!!
  13. He is, but at least Chrissy has learned to turn her phone off.

    I have a feeling that her little experiment in sleaze is going to cause her much regret. Although since Clay appears to have advanced to communicating using even occasional complete sentences, it could be that his time with Chrissy is indeed complete, and he will find that he is ready to move on to someone else who may be discovering that sentence thing...
  14. Clay has that hot look and for that reason sentences should be optional for him!
  15. omg, i just watched the first episode, clay is waaaaaaaaaaay hotter than that billy guy!! it's kinda sad to see how clay was staying true to the relationship while chrissy had already wandered off, can't believe she was making out w/ billy at her party in front of all her (and clays)'s friends... ouch!! can't wait for the next episode when clay "surprises" chrissy.