Newport Harbor High girls arrested in videotaped beating posted on MySpace


    From the Los Angeles Times
    Newport Harbor High girls arrested in videotaped beating posted on MySpace

    By the Associated Press

    Two Newport Harbor High School girls have been arrested on suspicion of participating in the videotaped beating of another girl that was posted on the social-networking website MySpace, police said.

    The girls, both students at Newport Harbor High School, were taken into custody Tuesday for investigation of battery and conspiracy to commit battery, police Sgt. Evan Sailor said. Their names were not released because they are minors.

    The video was posted last week on a MySpace page showing several girls beating the victim at a park. “It shows them punching and kicking her,” Sailor said.

    He said he didn’t know the motive for the attack, or whether the victim and assailants knew each other. The video has been removed from the Internet.

    This is the summary from, the blog:

    If you get all your information about the West Coast from movies and TV, then Orange County is truly a mythic place: Home of Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, Seth Cohen and Botox parties. But there's more to the richie-rich über-conservative enclave than vapid consumption, professional prettiness, plastic surgery and gorgeous ocean views. Like the Spur Posse! And picking on the underdog! Two Newport Beach teenage girls have been arrested for beating a "mentally retarded" girl and posting the video on MySpace. God, we thought it was over-the-top when Luke fought Ryan and said, "Welcome to the OC, *****. This is how it's done in Orange County."

    The girls involved in the attack are students at Newport Harbor High School (you know, the one Marissa Cooper got kicked out of?). Thankfully, you can no longer watch the video, as it's been removed from the Internet, and a police sergeant says he doesn't know the motive for the assault. Do you think it's because this developmentally disabled young woman didn't fit into the picture-perfect lifestyle they're pushing out there? What is it about Orange County? Is everyone a blonde, spoiled, shopaholic? Does money make people do despicable things? Is there something in the water?
  2. obviously they had their college entrance exams on their mind.

    I'm moving to another planet.
  3. What is this world coming to? Just for sport?
  4. That word gets me everytime it is uttered, I get sick of hearing about crimes, thuggery etc that young people commit and then cannot be named. Name and shame I say - if they are old enought to commit a crime then they are old enough to be identified, stop letting the little sh*ts hide behind their age.
  5. Move over, I'm riding shotgun.

    Their parents must be proud. I hope these lovely ladies serve time and it ruins the rest of their lives. :cursing:
  6. These girls need to be punished!

    I've heard too many stories like this... they're really idiots to post the video on the internet. suckers.

    I hope the victim is okay!
  7. I say we all carpool.
  8. Yikes. What the heck is wrong with kids today? And posting it on myspace? Were these ignorant morons proud of what they did? I hope the get the max punishment!
  9. If they videotaped it, they obviously wanted to show people which means they wanted to brag about it.

    They are like going to look like sooo cool beating up like a mentally disabled girl.
  10. What the hell is wrong with people...?????????????
    My oh my how the world is changing...
  11. Throw a tow rope behind the spaceship gals, I'm going with you all.

    Beating up a mentally retarded girl. How proud their parents must be!
  12. Clearly it is a small consolation, but thank god these girls were stupid enough to video tape and post this on the internet. I hope they throw the book at them, but I know that's too much to wish for.
  13. some high school students should be interning and working after school. keep their mind from idling
  14. I'm coming with you!! ;)
  15. wrong. just SO wrong!