"Newlyweds" vs. "Meet the Barkers"

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  1. Has anyone seen "Meet the Barkers"? I saw some episodes on MTV today and they seem to get along better than Nick and Jessica did. By that, I mean that the Barkers (I don't remember what their first names are) seem to talk to each other more about everyday things and seem to have more similar temperaments. Nick always seemed irritated or exasperated by Jessica. Sometimes you'd see them get on each other's nerves too. However, I haven't seen that with the Barkers yet. But then again that may be due to better editing or acting! :P
  2. Yeah, Travis and Shanna are W A Y sweeter and equally romantic w/ each other.
    Jess acted like a spoiled daughter to Nick IMO. Nick was always doing sweet things and Jess was oblivious to them.
  3. i love Meet the Barkers! you wouldn't expect it from hearing about them, but they seem like a much more down-to-earth, romantic, committed couple than nick and jessica.
  4. i love "meet the barkers" but haven't been able to see the 2ndd season. mtv canada was bought and the new version hasn't launched yet...booooooo. :sad2:
  5. Definately, they are so mushy with each other!! I love the Barkers, they have beautiful children!
  6. i love meet the barkers i think they are so sweet with each other and just so adorable much more at ease with eachother and more understanding then nick and jessica were.
  7. I too love meet the barkers! Travis does the sweetest things for Shana and you can tell Shana really appreciates it! When Nick would do romantic stuff for Jessica, Jessica would seem annoyed or like she didn't care.
  8. Yeah, the Barkers are definitely more loving. Half the reason why I loved newlyweds was to spot Jessica's handbags :-X
  9. Hmmm... Shanna seems to remind me of Jessica. Like I was watching one epi and she was all, "You BETTER do something romantic for me." It was just the way she said it. Like she wasn't playing around. Also, it kinda bugs me how she always wants to travel and leave the kids out. I dunno. It just seems like why have kids if you NEVER want to take them with you. I can understand once or twice, but every time Shanna travels she makes it known she doesn't want them there. Then, she goes and has a another little girl. hehe Silly. Shanna seems kind of bossy. Like if a gift or trip is not what she wants, she WONT be happy. Which I mean we're all like that sometimes, but I think if someone else is paying all the time it should be 50/50... I liked Newly Weds better, and loved Jessica's bags. hehe
  10. i can't blame her for not wanting to bring the kids on vacation, i can't understand why people bring children younger than 7 or 8 on any sort of trip. the kids aren't old enough to get anything out of it and most likely won't enjoy it at all unless it's disney world, plus they'll make their parents' trip a living hell, so leave the kids at home where they'd rather be. they'll have a fun time without mom and dad (i always LOVED it when my parents would go out of town when i was little and my grandma watched us) and mom and dad will have a fun time without them.

    i dunno, i like shanna, she doesn't seem nearly as irritating or self-centered as jessica. she always seems loving and understanding when they show her with the kids.
  11. Yeah, she's a good mom, but it kind of bothers me how she doesn't want them on the trips. Her kids seem well behaved, though, so I doubt they'd make the trips bad. hehe :biggrin:
  12. I love little Landon!!!! He is absolutely adorable.

    As for the vacation deal, I guess it all just depends on the family too. My parents would never leave any of us behind when we went on vacations, but maybe they want some alone time too... who knows
  13. i like the barker's because shanna carries better bags!:nuts:

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  14. She looks normal, but that guy is screaming for attention....tattoes, hair, pants around his thighs...yikes! I'd be embarrassed to go anywhere with him (okay, i'm showing my age, huh) LOL
  15. boo. meet the barkers is so boring.
    i liked watching newlyweds better.